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2011 Honda Accord Battery Drain

a_rabbit42a_rabbit42 Member Posts: 3
edited January 2014 in Honda
My 2011 Honda Accord has a huge issue with the battery draining down within 5-10 minutes when the keys are in the ignition & the radio is on with the engine off. I have never experienced or heard of this happening with a car before. The first time this happened, I asked my Honda dealer about it during my next routine oil change. I was told that this is normal because of all of the electric options on the car. Let's just say I am extremely sceptical of their response. I know many people sit & listen to their radio with the engine off for extended periods of time without a problem. At the time, I chose not to be assertive or pursue the matter, but rather to be conscientious about removing the keys from the ignition as soon as I turn the engine off. As life would have it, there have been several occasions in which I was preoccupied & sidetracked and forgot to remove the keys. Within 5-10 minutes my battery was dead and I had to wait for roadside assistance to come jump start my car. This has happened 4 or 5 times in 2 1/2 years and I also had to buy a new battery recently with only 22,000 miles on my car. The starter and alternator test okay. I looked on the Edmunds forum several months ago concerning this issue, but the only discussion I found concerned battery drain in Civics and Accords when they weren't driven for several days. I have been led to believe from that discussion that I am being given the run around while I am still under warranty so they don't have to pay for costly repairs. I have not tried calling Honda Corp yet, but I need this issue fixed and the matter resolved. I find it difficult, as a woman, to be assertive with the dealership. I am prepared to make it perfectly clear to them that I plan to give them poor reviews for their service and car and that they will not get my repeat business if they do not make things right. I appreciate any feedback &/or recommendations.


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    crkyolfrtcrkyolfrt Member Posts: 2,345

    I was going to suggest it sounded like a prematurely faulty battery, but..

    When you say you leave keys in ignition, are you leaving it in the 'on' position, or 'accessory' position (the correct one) when listening to the radio? Nonetheless, even if you left it in the 'on' position, in order to have such a large draw on the battery to pull it down in only 10 minutes, you would have to have the headlights on, rear defroster on, and HVAC fan on high.

    Has this happened in the summer time also? If you live were it is really cold (like lately) and use a lot of above mentioned accessories and only drive a very short distance after having started the car, then THAT would pull a perfectly good battery down too, because when it is extremely cold, the battery (chemically) is reluctant to accept the charge that the alternator is trying to put back into the battery after starting etc. So what happens is the battery gets lower and lower on reserve cranking amps.

    But if this has happened in the summer too, then it sounds like there is a resistive draw somewhere in the car that is high enough to not be considered normal. IF you had an aftermkt high powered amp in your sound system, and listened to it quite loud when the car was turned off, and if the battery was iffy..THAT would pull the battery down fairly quickly.

    I do not like Honda's small batteries. I have to baby mine all the time with a trickle charger attached year round cuz I don't drive it every day. But that said, what you are describing so far does not sound normal.

    Nevermind that you are a woman...BE ASSERTIVE! Pleasant of course, but FIRM. Ask them if you may record a voice memo with your phone of their explanation so that you have it to reference to later. If they balk at that, well that is telling in its own right.

    Also consider a second opinion from a different dealership.

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    a_rabbit42a_rabbit42 Member Posts: 3
    First, thank you for your helpful response. Honestly, I'm not sure whether I had the key in the on or the accessory position. My previous vehicle's accessory position was a click counter clockwise, while all three positions on this car are clockwise. My sound system is the original factory equipment and I don't play it extremely loud. The first two times this happened was in the winter. My lights were on automatic. The HVAC fan may have been on, but would not have been on high, no defrost. The last two times this happened was at the end of summer; however, at this point I am sure the battery was compromised. I have never heard of a trickle charger.... Because I procrastinated in pursuing this (& my dealer is 25-30 miles away) & we were facing subzero temperatures, I went ahead and bought a new battery at the autoparts store. Not sure I want to risk testing to see if the battery drains fast in the accessory position, but also not sure I want to press the issue with Honda when it may very well have been operator failure :) i.e. me having the key in the on position.
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    greenie1greenie1 Member Posts: 8

    I just replaced the battery in my 2011 Accord today.. Had the car for 2 1/2 years 37000 miles Dealer would not cover it because it was past 36,000 miles. This is my 5th and last Honda. There is definitely a problem with their batteries and they wouldn't said behind them.

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    a_rabbit42a_rabbit42 Member Posts: 3
    Wow! Yah, I only had 23,000 miles on mine when I replaced the battery. I hope to fare better with my non-Honda battery. I did purchase the extended warranty so I think my battery would still have been covered, but why continue with experiencing the same problem. Did you talk to Honda Corp too, not just the dealer? I wonder what, if any results you would get if you post a review of your Honda product/service experience on Facebook, Edmunds, etc. It is disappointing because I really do love the car, but not sure at this point whether I will consider them for future purchases.
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    hondadrivinghondadriving Member Posts: 1

    I also got the same problem. It's already 3 times. I am going to stop by Honda service shop and check it out.

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    alokbalokb Member Posts: 1

    Faced this issue today. Was out running errand and the trunk was open for about 15 mins while I took a phone call. Car wouldn't start. Lot of blinking lights, no cranking, symptoms identical to immobilizer issues. Called up honda service to get it towed , the guy came tried jump starting and presto, all seems well. Did see the ABS warning come one but that cycles itself out after driving few hundred yards. Will see what happens tomorrow morning. 2011/Accord/34K.

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    nirav1nirav1 Member Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my accord 2011. Yesterday my friend helped to jump start my car. After that I went to wallmart to see if battery needs to be changed. He checked the battery said it is perfectly fine. But today again the car not starting. I confirmed all lights turned off after I took my key out. Looks like still from somewhere current is draining and discharging the battery. Can any of above tell how you guys resolved battery drain problem with your car?
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    jsmith0226jsmith0226 Member Posts: 1
    I've been having this same problem with my 2011 Accord. I had my radio and headlights on while getting gas (nav turned off) and my battery died in less than five minutes. Another time it happened after about ~10 minutes. After getting a jump everything seems to be okay. I've had the alternator and battery checked and both have the appropriate charge/voltage. the one year warranty just expired so I'm not really sure what to do, it doesn't seem like a new battery will help. If anyone has any suggestions/solutions please let us all know!
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    poppops80poppops80 Member Posts: 1
    I have had this identical problem 3 times so far .The dealer now claims the battery needed to be replaced despite the fact that the last time they said the battery was fine. The first time it happened I had just driven from Illinois to New Jersey.The common situation appears to relate to the radio being on for awhile without the car running In one case the radio was on for only a few minutes before the battery died.The first time this happened my car had less than 25000 miles on it.
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    surajzsurajz Member Posts: 1
    I have the same issue. It has happened already 2 times. I have about 30,000 miles, and its 2011 accord.
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    turbo64turbo64 Member Posts: 10
    Your car is a 2011 probably built late 2010. That makes your battery at least 4 and half years. That about the service life of a battery. I change my batteries every two years, yes its early but I've never had a dead battery .I use interstates in all three cars. Good piece of mind for 140 dollars apiece.
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    agirlnamshirlagirlnamshirl Member Posts: 1
    A friend of mine and I have the same issue. I bought my Honda Accord, brand new, in 2009; he bought his in 2010. He informed me that I should never play my radio without my car running; because, the day that he purchased his car, he decided to play the radio while the car was not on and position and within minutes, his battery was dead. I found this later to be true. It has since happened to me three or four times. It's really embarrassing when your car not start. That is suppose to be the advantage of buying a "new" car.
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    rg21rg21 Member Posts: 1
    Same issue here.  2011 Accord, 30k miles and I'm now on my 3rd battery. It's rediculous. 
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    hondadisaccordhondadisaccord Member Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and I have an extended warranty that does not cover battery
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