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Please help, will not turn over

bambroughbambrough Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Pontiac
Vehicle Information:
2003 Pontiac Grand am GT
Engine: V6
Odometer: 96,000 Mi

Pontiac Grand am gt will not turn over
Hello, i just purchased a 2003 pontiac grand am gt 2 door. I bought the car from my best friend. I drove the car a week before. When i try to start the car i can't hear a sound besides the relays and fuel pump, ive tested the starter at auto zone it passed three times, the starter gets power but the purple wire does not when turning over. I have no security light, it did light up the other day and i waited 10 mins still nothing. no dome lights i checked the fuses. The dash lights, front running lights light up when i press the breaks?? Could this be a bad ignition?
Please help..obd2 scanner won't connect...
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