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Best Winter / All Season Tire Solution of Genesis 3.8

buddycbuddyc Posts: 10
edited January 2014 in Hyundai

For what it's worth, Genesis aficionados, I've experimented over the course of 4 tough New England winters with different tires after bidding the OEM Dunlops good-bye -- which, predictably, were terrible in the snow with such a powerful RWD sedan. We are in midst of the New Years blizzard of 2014 here in Boston area, so I have been able to definitively and aggressively test the Nokian WRG3 tires I put on (all 4 wheels) this October, in anticipation of the rough winter forecast. In short, they perform phenomenally well in deep snow, on icy patches in my driveway and parking lots, and overall on wet or dry pavement. Though not cheap (the set of 4, with balancing, cost about $1,110), if you want to drive your Genesis with great confidence in the snow and dicey weather, I can honestly recommend these highly to you. Based on all I've read about them elsewhere, I actually intend to keep them on all year round. Drive safely ... love my Genesis!

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