S Mode (what does it mean?)

bmac3000bmac3000 Member Posts: 2

I know this is a naive question, but I did consult the owner's manual and all it says is S Mode. I cannot find any clear explanation as to what this mode is for. Is it a Sports Mode or a Safe Mode or something else? The owner's manual shows some information regarding the gears that may be involved with s mode but I would like to know what real world applications s mode is for (e.g. towing a boat?, snow?, passing cars?, etc.) Thanks.


  • bdymentbdyment Member Posts: 573

    That is snow mode and it really doesn't do much, except start the vehicle in second gear instead of first. It may prevent some wheel spin, but I found it to be almost useless.

  • bmac3000bmac3000 Member Posts: 2

    bdyment, thanks for your post. Upon further inspection of another version of the Owner's Manual it says the S stands for "Sequential" but again doesn't add much more than that. It seems strange that Toyota would include a Snow mode and a Sequential mode. I can see how starting in 2nd gear could be beneficial in reducing wheel spin in slippery conditions, but again it seems redundant because I would imagine that Snow mode does the same thing. Thanks again for your post.

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