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2014 GMC Acadia Problems

donna04donna04 Posts: 2
edited February 2014 in GMC

I recently purchased a 2014 SLT2 Acadia. I've only had the car approx 3 months & already have problems. First the windshield wipers quit. Then I noticed the heat coming out of front vents felt different than back vents. Then my car sat still for 5 days nobody drove it or messed with it & when I got back from my trip it wouldn't start had to jump start it. Then my brother in law noticed the front fog light was out but when I looked the entire light was missing it had fallen inside the car some how & No I didn't hit anything. It also makes a noise when you open the door & sit in the car without the key even being in the ignition...took it to the dealer & the motor controlling the windshield wipers was messed up & they replaced it...they said the noise I hear when I get in it was normal. They put the light back in but I felt like they were trying to say I hit something which I have not & furthermore there would have been damage to the car if I had & there was no damage even the light wasn't broken it just fell out of place somehow. They said the temperature problem was normal. They tested it & said the rear system is blowing out air 12 degrees lower than the front even if its set on same settings. Actually this is what it tested. They set the front & rear at 80 degrees & the front was blowing out 109 degrees & the rear was blowing out 97 degrees....does this even seem normal? Overall I'm very frustrated no I haven't had some of the major issues with this car that others have had but it only has 4,400 miles on it & I'm scared of what the future holds. I traded a GMC Yukon for this that never gave me one bit of problems. Feel like I should have stuck with another Yukon but I was trying to go a little smaller with same sitting room & better on gas which it is not great on gas. I just want gmc or the dealer to give me what I paid for this car back so I can get a Yukon which is what I should have gotten in the first place now I feel like I was sold what's soon to be a lemon. I'm scared to keep this car.


  • Oh & they tested the battery & said no problems & didn't know why it wouldn't start. I'm going to let it sit for about a week again & see if it will do the same thing. Nothing was left on inside the car. It simply wouldn't start.

  • The temp setting isnt the temp of the air it blows.. its the temp you want the car to be. So it will blow as hot or as cool as it can efficiently do to get the car to the temp you desire. 80 is pretty warm so it will blow hot.

    If the rear of the car is warmer than the front, it wont blow so hot back there.

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