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2014 Honda Odyssey Front Door Rubbing Front Quarter Panel

apebcakapebcak Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Honda

I purchased a 2014 Odyssey Elite two days ago, drove it home and parked it in our garage overnight. Last night, I opened the front passenger door and encountered a rubbing noise. After closer inspection, I saw that the door is rubbing the front quarter panel when opening the door. I have contacted our salesperson for resolution.

I also found this thread on

Front Passenger Door Rubbing on Fender!!!! WTF!!!

On the odyclub thread additional 2014 Odyssey owners have encountered this issue.

Are there any 2014 Odyssey owners here, who have encountered this issue?


  • peptackpeptack Posts: 2
    I bought a 2014 honda odyssey elite and same thing happened front passenger door rubbing against the front fender. Took it to honda and they fixed it with no charge. When you open the rear trunk with motor does it jerk while going up, mine does. I see it on you tube and just wanted to know if there's any body else with problem
  • mark386mark386 Posts: 2

    I bought a 2014 honda odyssey EX-L last Nov. The similar thing happened. I noticed that the front passenger door rubbing on the car cage just one day after I drove it home. I called the dealer and they fixed it in 2 hours. But now it becomes rubbing again! So I searched it online and found the discussion here. Just wandering if it is a known defect with 2014 Odyssey, and should Honda recall it?

  • dsj312dsj312 Posts: 1
    I bought my 2014 odyssey in march 2014 and had this same problem but on the drivers side.
  • claoclao Posts: 1

    Bought my 2014 odyssey in February 2014. Found this problem on the passenger side right after I drove it back home. Took it back to dealer and they fixed. After two weeks of the fix, the problem came up again. I have not got chance to bring it to the dealer again and wonder if they can really FIX it.

  • donstubbsdonstubbs Posts: 1

    Purchased a 2014 Honda Touring on June 30th. When opening the passenger-side front door 3 days later, noticed a slight scraping noise. Investigating, I discovered that the leading edge of the door would scrape against the back edge of the front fender when being opened or closed.

    The outer layer of paint was already gone on 6 to 8 inches of the leading edge of the door.

    Honda must be aware of this problem by now but obviously the assembly plant is continuing to produce vehicles with this problem.

  • I bought my 2014 Odyssey in Nov 2013. And I found the exactly same problem (front passenger door rubbing against the front fender) after I drove it home. Had the dealer fixed it one week later. But the problem came back again 4 months later. The dealer fixed it again. So far, the problem does not reoccur again. In my view, it must be a design or assembly defect. I also saw posts for this same problem in other forums.
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