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the air suspension for the rear on my 97 tc executive series is some how losing air and looks like a low rider not all the time though and after i start it the compressor turns on and levels it out and i was wondering what the problem could possibly be and if there is a way to diagnose the exact problem


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    The rear suspension air bag springs are leaking. If you can change a spark plug on your Lincoln then you can probably change the air bags yourself. You'll need two car jacks and two jack stands. There are some basic things that have to be done like cutting the air system off at the trunk. The springs have a clip on top of them that has to be pulled out and you need a screw driver to disconnect them from the rear axle. After I replaced my first set, I could not believe what Lincoln and Ford dealers wanted to do the job. You can get a new set of air springs on E-Bay for about $100.00. Some folks are getting rid of the bags and going to coil springs. There is a little more involved in that change-out.

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    Replacing bags with springs is not the best solution, in my opinion. I had the same problem with the rear bags which get old and succumb to dry rot. Bought a pair on eBay for about $80 and, with my son, installed both in about 30 minutes. The best thing about the air bags is that they automatically level the car regardless of what you have in the trunk...or back seat. You don't get that with coil springs. Just sayin'......
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