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mrbishopmmrbishopm Member Posts: 3

I can't find a remote car starter for my hybrid and its very cold in Maine!!


  • nissan_tech1nissan_tech1 Member Posts: 16
    edited January 2014

    Go to ur nissan dealer, they can sublet it to a reliable installer. At our nissan dealer it is close to $500.00

  • mrbishopmmrbishopm Member Posts: 3

    So they do make remote car starters for hybrids. I didn't know that, everyone I have talked to keeps saying they don't have anything that will work with them and will not mess up the cars electrical system.

  • nissan_tech1nissan_tech1 Member Posts: 16

    The newer ones now come with the option of factory remote start, we have a place in illinois that does it. not sure about maine. Talk to ur nissan saleman im sure they can find a place that will do it.

  • mrbishopmmrbishopm Member Posts: 3

    Thats great thank you, I'll call tomorrow and find out if it can be added to a 2009 hybrid.

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