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Looking for a low key entry-level European luxury car

zackaizackai Member Posts: 12
edited February 2015 in General

Howdy Everyone,

I am in west coast of USA. I am looking to buy a car and after weeks research and discussion with my friends. I found it even harder to find one that meet my picky thoughts, and was wondering whether anyone can advise one more.

The purpose of the car: not really for work commute, but more for weekend's fun, roadtrip.

  • Sedan or coupe (but no convertible )
  • European cars preferred. No Japanese cars.
  • If used (no more than 20K) or New (no more than 45k); used preferred
  • manual transmission preferred
  • prefer non-well-known brands, at least shouldn't give a non-car person an intuition that it's a luxury car when first heard

My current favorite is Saab 9-5 2012, but it's no longer in production and people said it hard to get parts and service. Another option is Volvo S60 but it's not manual trans, and most friends said it's not for my age (late 20's). So I am looking for something alternative to Saab 9-5 (the look, the quality, the reputation and the low key). My current best bet are BMW 3 or 4 series or Audi A4. But I am trying to avoid BMW, AUDI or Mercedes, I guess what I am looking for are some entry-level luxury european cars that not well-known to non-car person.

Is there such a car exists that within my budget? Am I too ridiculous? Any thought is very welcome.

Thank you very much.

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