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Replacement Wipers?

musicwanhmusicwanh Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Volkswagen

I bought what I thought were standard replacement wiper blades for 2006 Jetta (typcial sef repair thing) only to find that the wiper arm seems to be unique - not your typical replacement blade "hook". So, do Wiper Blades have to come from VW Service and Parts?



  • bpeeblesbpeebles Posts: 4,085
    edited January 2014

    To specifically answer your question -- NO!

    To elaborate - A 'replacement' wiper-blade usually comes with an 'adapter' in the package. This adapter allows the replacement blade to work on the 3 different types of wiper-arms (Asian, German, and American)

    Right out of the box, the replacement blade is configured for one of the three. An 'adaptor' should be used to attach to other vehicles.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited January 2014

    Sometimes the adapter is "built-in" and you have to rotate it or otherwise manipulate it to get it to fit your car. It's not always something loose in the package in other words. When I first got my used Subaru and needed new wipers, the woman at the NAPA parts counter offered to put them on and that made it real easy. :p

  • cwinn1cwinn1 Posts: 2
    This is just another lovely issue with the 2006 Jetta- they changed the wiper format halfway through the 2006 year. So even though I give them my VIN, every time I go to get replacement blades, I have to correct the dealers service department and send them back to get the correct kind, which have no sort of adapter and literally just have a hole in them which you slide onto the metal pin on the other part of the wiper. They are super easy to put on, and come as a right blade and left blade (never a set- they're 2 different lengths). They should look like these - Thankfully, my 06 finally died last week and I never have to see the VW service department ever again.
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