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Good morning -

I have a 2001 Escape XLT and after getting stuck in the snow it stopped going in reverse. It will shift into gear and the RPMs move but the wheels don't turn. We tried popping it into neutral to push and it wouldn't budge. It drives forward and will push in reverse but won't drive in reverse or push in neutral. Any suggestions on what it could be? I've been told I burned out the Reverse Gear in my trans and I've googled and found it could be a linkage issue. Is it worth the repair or should I just scrap and look for a new car?


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    I would confirm if it is a linkage issue before scrapping it.

    You also didn't say how many miles are on it. I know that in some instances (most in fact), linkage issues can prematurely wear out an associated part. So if it is a linkage issue, it might also depend on how long it has been operated out of adjustment. It may have allowed something in the transmission to wear out prematurely from maybe not being held in the correct position. (think a gear that isn't being allowed to be engaged fully as an example and has been riding on the edge).

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    Thanks for your response it has 173K miles on it. I bought it 2 years ago and had it checked out at the dealership. There were no reported issues. Perhaps it was overlooked? I took it in for a quote today and the guy said it engaged but the wheels didn't turn. He said it could be a belt but then gave me a quote for $1500 and said it needed to be rebuilt. I'm thinking that I'm being taken for a ride. Any suggestions?

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