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electrical issues

galolugalolu Member Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Chevrolet

I have a 2007 Chevy Trailblazer, recently my headlights will intermittently turn off, my doors will intermittently lock and unlock, my dash lights will go out then come back on, my back windshield wiper will start with switch in off position, I have even had my head lights to turn off by pressing the Wash button on the rear wiper switch. These issues are sometimes resolved by stopping the truck and turning the key off then restarting. Sometimes before I can stop to do this, the padlock (security) light will come on. The Trailblazer does all this while driving, strangely it mostly occurs when the temps are below freezing and most often begins if I hit a bump in the road. ALSO, the 4X4 will sometimes not engage, the lights continue to flash for several seconds then the service 4X4 light comes on in the cluster. The service stability track light comes on intermittently most often when backing from a parking place but will go of by restarting the vehicle. Usually after turning the key off and restarting 3-4 times the 4X4 will engage. Most recently, the back windshield wiper occasionally comes on (no key in the ignition, parked in the garage) draining the battery. Often times the battery is drained and nothing appears to be on (this is the second new battery in a month) alternator is working and charging battery......any advice?? We've not a lot of money to put into this truck. It recently turned over 100,000 miles, we do have an aftermarket extended warranty but unsure if issues like this would be covered. Thank you for your time.

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