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Extend roadside service through automaker or use AAA?

coolfj40coolfj40 Posts: 14
edited April 2014 in BMW
I just recently purchased a preowned 1996 BMW Z3 for my wife and I still have the option to renew the BMW-sponsored roadside service plan on the car. It would cost me $56 annually to renew it, and it looks as if I would get all the same frills that I would get by just purchasing a AAA plan for $10 less, which by my understanding would not only cover the bimmer, but my other two vehicles as well. I've never given second thought to joining AAA prior to this, perhaps under the false assumption that nothing is ever going to happen to my Toyotas. However, with all the driving we do it might be a good idea to consider one of these plans. My question is, would I be missing out by not taking advantage of renewing the BMW roadside service? Am I getting a better deal by just paying for AAA? I don't want some mom and pop garage service authorized by AAA hacking up my beautiful little bimmer when or if I should ever need it towed, but should I expect any better treatment from an authorized BMW garage? What benefits am I getting for my money in either scenario? Anyone else having difficulty with this decision either with BMW service plans or other auto makes?

Thanks in advance for your input...


  • I too have asked the same question.
    Here's my finding.
    BMW offers the roadside rescue thing for free the first 3 years.
    After that I will go back to AAA.
    AAA will tow your car further and drop it off at a BMW dealer besides.
    Free maps are kind of nice too.
    I think AAA has got it down as good as it gets to helping you when you need
    it the most on the side of the road.
    If I had to buy one or the other - AAA wins hands down - and it will cover you in any car
    your in - not just the one you purchased.
  • lokkilokki Posts: 1,200
    My 2nd BMW from the same salesman, so I asked him how much it would cost to extend the BMW roadside assistance when it expires. I trust this guy as he has done well by me twice now.

    His answer? Go with AAA. He never even told me how much it would cost from BMW.
  • coolfj40coolfj40 Posts: 14
    Thanks for your posts. I conducted more independent research on this and it looks like AAA is definitely the way to go. I figured that since BMW's service was still around, something had to make it competitive with AAA, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Advice appreciated.

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