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suspension conversion kits...

lincolnnav03lincolnnav03 Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Lincoln

Hello everyone, New to this forum.

I have a 03 lincoln navigator. Had it already for about 8 years now. 153,000 miles on it.

Id like to get peoples input about air suspension conversion kits as far as changing the air suspensions to regular coil struts. I know there are manufactures out there that already sell quick struts to replace the air suspension if one wants to.

My question is has anyone done this to any of their navigators or know someone whos has done this? How does it ride? Any major problem in going from air suspension to coils struts?

Reason I ask is because my truck has a lot of miles on it already and Im just trying to prepair and look into air suspension replacment incase something happens. They are pretty expensive, just for 1, and just considering all other options incase that day comes.

Any input would be much appreciated. So far the conversion kist I looked at are from Arnott Industries, Monroe, and Strut Masters. I can basically get all four for the price of just one replacment air strut.

Like I said, just trying to get some input and see if anyone has some good advise. Would you just change them one by one as they go bad or just convert them when one the forst air bag goes??


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