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Hi guys, I need some advice again. My 2006 Toyota Tunda is due for a transmission fluid change.Previously I had a dealer do the job.Very expensive.I want to know if a place like Jiffy Lube can do it? I checked several of their shops and they all say they can do the change at a great deal less than dealer.I know that the fluid is whats known as a world standard and is a synthetic ATF and that is the reason you can go more miles between changes.Have any of you had any experiences outside of using a dealer to do this service?Do I have to only use a Toyota ATF? I am just concerned a little that a Jiffy Lube would put in the incorrect type of fluid.Thanks for any insite and comments. Harry...


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    You're right to be concerned, there have been lots of problems reported from chains doing this kind of work. I'd find a reliable independent shop to do it, and pay the extra if needed to use Toyota fluid. How often are you changing it?

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    Call me stupid I guess,the dealer here in Las Vegas said it was good for 80,000 because of the Toyota fluid they used.I heard of people going longer.Kinda made me nervious when I had been changing it in other vehicles a lot sooner.(When you used to be able to do it yourself.) H

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    Lots of makers call for very long (or 'lifetime') trans fluid change intervals. Makes me nervous, too, I try to do it every 30k-50k or so.

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    Listen to this,I just talked to The Dealer that did my original service and he told me that Toyota recommends that the transmission fluid never be changed....I guess the wrench at Toyota had a real problem with the truth . He was the one that said that I needed to do these changes.He told me that it also that he was going to change the belt and the plugs. Now if this guy is lying about all of this I am not sure on how to proceed.Toyota has no record of that mechanic changing my belt or plugs.If you can 't trust the dealers on vehicles that most people cannot work on,what the [email protected]## are you supposed top do?Now I am really concerned..and mad..something is not right..Harry

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    If you had the fluid changed at 80k you did the right thing, the 'lifetime fluid' claim is nuts.

    But dealer service departments also oversell service, I quit using one because of it.

    Use the factory manual's maintenance schedule as your starting point. On top of that I add trans fluid and radiator coolant changes every 30-50k or so, if they're not on the factory list.

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    Yeah,I just got out my service manual and am going to have another look at everything.Thanks for your help and time.Harry.

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