Ford Transmission Problems

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Has anyone seen this problem before?
My son has a '94 with auto trans.
It will shift through 1st and 2nd ok.
But does not ever shift into 3rd.
At the point it would have normally shift into
It goes into "neutral"condition. Pressing the
Overdrive Lockout
will return it to 2nd. No other problems seen,
fluid good,
1st and 2nd shift crisp and gear is strong.
I'm wondering if this could be something
Any help would be appreciated.


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    I had a Caddy a long time ago (66) that had the same problem. I think the diagnosize was an incorrectly connected vacuum line. Sounds far fetched, but that's how I remember it.
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    You don't say what kind of vehicle.

    I've had sensor problems that have affected the E4OD in my '92 F-250. The ABS sensor affected the spedometer and transmission shifting. The throttle position sensor affected transmission shifting. The tachometer sensor affected transmission shifting.

    The ABS was obvious due to the idiot light. I read the flash code and determined that the sensor was bad. ($130 at the dealer.) The TPS, I had no clue. ($160 at the dealer.) The tachometer was obvious due to wierd tachometer fluctuations. I changed that for $56 in parts and less than 10 minutes.

    I would also check the Autotrans ECM and make sure that the connector is tight and not corroded.
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    My 89 F250 has a tough time going into overdrive and I don't know why. It is the four speed overdrive manual. I changed the fluid a while back, but it didn't seem to help any suggestions are appreciated
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    I am looking for information on the excessive shifing between overdrive in the 97 F150.
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    My 97 ford ranger 4 X 4 hangs up in neutral when shifting. Dealer has it for the 4th time.
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    Have the tranny checked out for computer problems. I had a 92 F-250 diesel that did something simular while pulling my boat back from Homer. It wouldn't shift correctly into third and then once the RPM range for "OverDrive" would be reached it would shift in to neutral. It was correctable by selecting "OD" off. It would run as a 3 spd afterwards.

    I took it in to Cal Worthington's in Anchorage because even though it was way past the 3/36, it was still within the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty.They promptly replaced the transmissions computer . The Service manager told me it was because the computer was considered part of the mechanics of the transmission. Because it controlled the transmissions functions.

    If you are not past the powertrain coverage on the truck you might want to have it looked at by a dealer. If it is past, then have whoever's going to look at it check the codes and keep their eyes open for a problem in the computer.
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    i just had similar problem with my '94 f150 5.0
    auto w/od. only 61k miles. started slipping in and out of neutral from overdrive. had aamco transmission check it out. they said no computer signals and no apparent problems and could not get problem to duplicate. however, they also said they see same problem in police cars and taxi's with this tranny and it is some gear (forget the name) that just wears out and the tranny eventually will not go into o/d. advised me to keep driving until the gear wears out and then take it to ford. meanwhile, i've already made a trade in with dealer when my new '99 superduty comes in, so i'm praying for delivery and taking it easy until then.
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    Magic words here,
    'Just replaced the transmission fluid'
    There are several types of ATF. Is it possible that whoever replaced your fluid used the wrong type? I've seen other types of transmissions just go to do-do with the wrong type of fluid.
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    Thanks for the advice, but, uh, been there done that. I used the ford tranny fluid(cant remember the name) and it didnt help. Besides now there is something wrong in the ignition(i have had the switch replaced) and i have it torn down in my drivway.
    P.S. tranny dosent help if it don't start, right.
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    I have a '92 f250 Ford PU with E40D auto trans.and a 7.3 diesel engine. I pull a 31ft. 5th. wheel trailer with it. I have trans. problems when I back into an up sloping camping spot. On one occasion it overheated and dumped about 3 qts. of fluid on the ground in the process. On another occasion It tore up the tranny. It appears to me that the reverse is just not geared for such a load. I am considering buying a new truck and am thinking about the new ford 6 speed manual tranny. Would appreciate anyone's thoughts on this. thanks. pn
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    I have a 95 f150 5 speed with a bad tranny. got the truck 19,000 it was in the shop then for 3rd gear syncros. since then its been back about every 2000 to 3000 miles. popping out of gear & grinding
    going in. the last time they said they put a new
    tranny in. But guess what its 4000 mile later &
    Iam going back. Ive got 42,000 on it. Going to
    trade it in. I guess. any advise
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    hey does anybody read this? My 95 f150 just lost
    1 & 2nd gear. I already had grinding going in to 3
    they replaced shifting forks. That was all!
    IT fixed my problem with 1 & 2. but why wouldn't
    they replaced syncros and bearing? HELP please
    sigh Donna the owner of the original purple lemon
    just in case you didn't realize the message above
    is my also
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    Spoke to a Highway Man, Uses a F-350 Crew Cab with PSD, has 250000 plus miles, uses it to tow anything/everything off the interstates. Said He removed and had the E4OD Transmission rebuilt every 100000 miles regardless and has had no failures yet. This truck was LOADED to the gills with payload, not counting the variable tow weights daily.
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    dja1, as the owner of a troublesome Dodge, I suggest you write/call Ford's customer service about this. If you haven't tried two different dealers yet, I would try the second dealer (explain the vehicle history and show receipts). At 42k, your basic warrantee is shot. However, if the work was done within 12mo/12k, you're still in the ballgame. Ask to speak with the service manager of the dealer you go to. Don't mess with the mechanics. Even ask to speak with the Ford's regional rep. If all else fails, take out a newspaper add and tell the public the truth about your experiences with this dealer. They'll hate the publicity! Otherwise trade, but avoid the Dodge boys because they have even more trouble than Ford (I read the new Fords are 80/20 in favor of no problems in '97 Pop Mech survey).
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    Any comments on performance of the new F350 with Diesel and Automatic transmission reliabiilty?
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    Have 94 F250XLT 7.4L w 4sp auto OD. Blew a rear tranny seal in June on I-95 in S. Ga. Ford dealer replaced seal, torque conv. & pump. Since then it occasionally jumps out of gear between 3 & OD or in 3 when locked out of OD. Usually within first 15-20 miles. Ford and private shop have had it but of course it won't do it for them. 66k on the odometer. Bought it used with 56k on it. No problem prior to blown seal. Helpful hints or feedback? thanks
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    We're looking to buy a 99 f-250 superduty 4WD w/ a diesel engine. Any comments on how these trucks have done in the past? thanks
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    I have a 94 F150 that I bought used in 1995. After about a year I had the washboard rumble as it switched into 4TH (AUTO). I had the tranny fluid changed and the shop told me it had to be changed the whole way into the ???. Well this helped for about a year and the noise was back. I've just had the fluid checked for debris and none was found. I am very disappointed with this Ford (It's my third 150) and am seriously thinking of trading it for another make. Does anyone know if this is a regular tranny problem with 94's?
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    I bought a used 95 bronco. It also shifted rough is passing gear. I later blew a line which burned it up. I now have a new trans. I still have a little clunk on take off. Any guessed?
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    I recently drove a Ford 150 xlt 1990 model truck. The truck was very tight, except for the transmission. It felt like it was hesitating to go into the high gear. A mechanic told me it was typical for that type of truck, and that it could be fixed for 650. The man who wanted to sell the truck to me, said he didn't think there was anything wrong,and that the mechanic had missed some other things when he worked for him. Is my mechanic right? How much longer will it last after the grabbing sensation starts?
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    I have an "88"Ranger FixOrRepairDaily. I've put approx. 100,OOO miles on it(had 34K when purchased). The DAMN thing has cost me over $6K in less than 4yrs. I've had to replace the transmission twice (i.e.,it's on its 3rd!!) Is it me --or what??? Before this I had 4 VWs (3 manual)and never had transmission problems. This was my 1st American vehicle--AND PROBABLY MY LAST!!!! Needless to say, I want to be rid of this organ grinder.
    Anyway, I'm in the market for another truck but don't know whether or not to even get within 10 miles of a Ford stealership. Though the new Rangers do look nice...and can all those buyers be wrong? My QUESTION IS Would buying the Mazda version make a difference?
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    Even though the Mazda is identical to the Ranger, the warranty Mazda offers is signifcantly better than what Ford gives you, especially on the powertrain.
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    Lastest word on my new trans. Works great and looks great on the road.
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    A friend of mine is a Ryder mechanic. Sayes the Ford AOD trans are junk. 75,000mi and there history. Must be swapped as you can't fix them. I'de suggest the extended warrenty via the internet.
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    A friend of mine owns a 1992 Ford F-250 diesel with which he pulls his Airstream Trailer. His transmission, speedometer, cruise control and ABS braking system went nuts on him and he discovered a sensor on top of the rear axle which monitors the axle speed which stopped functioning. Ford will charge you $100 bucks to replace this $10 part or you can do it yourself. Apparently all these functions seem to go out simultaneously and none of it makes any sense when it happens. The main thing you notice is that the tranny stops shifting in and out of overdrive properly. My friend has not had any mechanical transmission problems in over 200,000 miles. He added a Banks Turbo system to his diesel a little over a year ago and it has improved power and milage.
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    The TPS and Tach sensors cause similar problems. The ABS sensor that your friend had replaced also drove the Speedometer nuts too. The trans didn't like it either. The trans had real problems with the failure of the Throttle Position Sensor. Mainly rough shifting and having a tendency to hang in gear. The tach sensor, obviously, kills the tach on the dash. Mine showed 0 RPM and then would jump up to 1000 when the engine was reving that high.

    I don't know about the parts being $10. My tach sensor was almost $60 at the dealer. The parts guy was surprised that it failed. He didn't have any in stock due to low failure rate.

    Hummmmmm? Makes one wonder how many transmissions have been "worked on" when replacing the sensor would suffice.

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    Bought a heavy 1993, F250, 460, extended cab, 4X4, a couple years ago. Everything on this truck is setup for heavy use but the automatic OD tranny and torque converter.

    Under mostly commuter-like use, with very little "real" work to speak of and less than 40,000km, I've had two major tranny rebuilds including converter replacement to keep this unit on the road. I'm almost afraid to drive around empty let alone work it as it hasn't proven robust enough to pull it's own weight without frying the guts out.

    Quite disappointing for a long time Ford driver and all good experiences with earlier vehicles.

    Anyone know of any tricks (short of getting a race shop to built a mega dollars gear mixer)to make the slip'o matic driveline in this truck live up to the potential of the rest of the package? Or is this one that should just be walked away from?

    Thanks for any insights or comments on this problem.
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    Sounds like you should have the rear of the engine checked (crank, mounting face, etc) for alignment problems. Generally in situations like this its not the transmission that is the real problem -- its being broken by something else. My '89 460 with AOD never had a problem -- sure hope my new auto doesn't either :-/
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    I had a '92 F-250 SC with 7.3L. At 99,700 I took the truck in to have the fluid changed etc. The dealer saved me $26 by changing the auto trans. They found metal shavings in the pan. All done under Ford ESP waranty. This was about a year after driving through about a mile of water in the two foot deep range. I've heard that if water gets into the trans it causes problems down the road.

    You shouldn't be having those problems. Ask your Dealer to get the Ford zone manager involved. Something is definitely wrong.

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    I'm thinking of getting a F-350 4x4 for trailering plowing with diesel and auto trans.
    Does anyone have experience or opinions as to
    whether it will hold up?
    Will the Chevy hold up?
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    How much are you planning on trailering, and how often? One thing to keep in mind -- these days a full auto rebuild often costs around the same as a HD clutch replacement. If you're plowing fulltime in the winter, you'll probably go through clutches faster than auto transmissions.

    Which chevy? The current 3500 or the light-duty Silverado?
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    any info out there on v10's, fuel milage, torque,&
    tralering large 5th wheels? I now pull a 37' with a 18' pontoon on back of 5th wheel with a 96 dodge
    diesel 2500 4x4 5 speed. I would like to a gas burner but not dodge. I like fords f250 hevey duty
    4x4 but I dont know any thing about the v10.
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    Try the Ford Super Duty and Gas Mileage conferences for a lot more information.

    I have the V10 in a crew cab DRW 4X4 with the 4.30:1 gears and get around 10mpg in town and 11.5 mpg on the highway, with reformulated gas. When towing, I've been getting around 9.5mpg-10mpg highway (7000#, cruise, O/D) Folk with the 3.73:1 gears (which I would recommend for long hauls) are reporting 12-12.5mpg city and 13-14mpg on the highway empty.
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    Oh -- power was not a problem. With the 4.30:1 gears I could start the trailer in 2nd gear fairly easily (did it by accident).
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    Looking at purchasing an older Ford Ranger (89) with a super cab. It has 76k miles and has an auto tranny. Asking $6400 It appears 2b in very good condition. Any advice or things I should look out for?? It is a 4x4.....Freezing in BBBRRMIDJI,MN
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    That sounds like a heckuva lot of money for an '89 Ranger. Down here, you can get a nice condition '89 F250 with a 460 for that kind of money. A Ranger would be much less.

    Assuming that its an XLT with a LWB and the big engine, in perfect condition with every option offered, the Edmunds Used Truck Guide puts the maximum price (retail dealership) at $7630. A more realistic price (wholesale, ie: private seller) would be $5017, again assuming perfect condition with every possible option.

    Over $2000 of that price is credit for low mileage, which puts it close to half the base price of the truck (unlikely). I wouldn't expect to pay more than $5000, and for that much it'd better be immaculate.
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    My Ford Ranger has been a lemon. Here's the
    details: 1990 2wd XLT longbed. 4 cyl auto. Used
    almost always as a commuter vehicle. Bought from
    the original owner with 49K. Tranny went at 53K.
    Rear end(!)went at 57K Tranny went again before
    60K (rebuilt free). Fuel pump went about 70K
    leaving me stranded and requiring a tow. Engine
    went at 88K leaving me stranded and requiring a
    tow. Paint begin flaking off the roof, hood, etc
    at 65K. Tranny went AGAIN at 108K. Oil has been
    changed faithfully at 3-4K (4K max). In addition
    battery, brakes, tires, exhaust, ABS ($$$) module
    all went. It is (I still own it) by far the single
    most expensive vehicle I have ever tried to keep
    running reliably. As a contrast - I bought a 1984
    Mazda SE5 pickup new for about $6K and drove it
    159K without even changing the clutch. Ford Ranger
    again? No thanks! I'll get a Nissan or Toyota.
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    We currently have a 91 Chev 3500 Scottsdale Extra Cab 4x4. It has over 230k miles on it and is on it's third tranny with the first one being a factory recall. We have always been Chevy people but are now considering Ford. You don't find too may F-350's on the used car lots as opposed to the Dodges. Any advise and whether gas or Diesel is better? Truck is used for towing, contracting work, and will run about 50k miles per year.
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    i would advise going with a Ford or Dodge diesel. I would also advise getting a manual transmission. For the amount of pulling you do and the amount of miles you put on, a diesel would be more economical, and a manual trans would hold up better.
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    Hopefully the "jump out of 3rd gear into neutral" dilemma is solved. Found a dealer,Santa Fe Ford, Alachua, Fl. that ran a diagnostic parameter check on my 94 F250. Found and replaced a faulty TR sensor for the trans. So far so good. No big test yet but overall feel of trans. is better. About $215. Worth it if problem is solved. Problem posted Nov. 14,1998 as Gator6
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    i had a 93 ranger XLT for 6 yrs, never had a problem. only an oxygen sensor and a switch connected to the head lights. Otherwise no problems.
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    hi, I'm thinking about buying a new truck...I have a 1990 toyota truck now...and it's been giving me problems...(engine overheat when not moving...when moving then it's ok... also my transmission is slipping.) I'm thinking about a Ranger or Dakota..what do you guys think I should do??? Buy a new truck or fix the old one?
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    In 1998 I compared the Dakota, Ranger, Nissan, and Toyota trucks. Here's the BS I went through and maybe it will help a little with your decision.

    At first I used the sticker price when comparing the aforementioned trucks. All trucks were loaded as loaded could be except for the manual tranny (I hate driving automatics). All were extended cab 4WD as well. Anyway, the Toyota Tacoma was 27k, the Dakota was 25k, the Ranger was 23k, and the Nissan was about 20k (except they didn't have a V6 at the time).

    I wound up with the Ranger for the following reasons: I was able to buy it for less than invoice ($18,500), it drove very well, and the 4WD system is the nicest I've used. Other reasons were that the Toyota dealers were (all of them) arrogant, stuck up, and they wouldn't deal on price at all. I also found out that Toyota was, and to some degree still is, having terrible problems with head gaskets. I passed on the Dodge becasue it was over 4k more in cost (and the V6 4WD was a dog...a V8 is requisite equipment in this truck), and V6 or no, the Nissan is a joke as far as a truck is concerned.

    I ordered a Ranger the way I wanted it and it arrived with build quality similar to Japenese vehicles. That's where the pleasant experience ended. My Ranger turned out to be a piece of crap. It was assembled very well, but parts quality seems to be a problem. I owned it 6 months with the dealer having it half the time. Several clutch actuators had to be replaced, the rear brakes locked up anytime it rained or snowed, the tranny got hosed up after the second actuator replacement, it had interior material quality problems, and something that just plain blows up here in the northern climates is that ALL Rangers have a problem with defrosting the right side of the windshield. It would get so bad during heavy snows that I coulkd only see out the driver's side and the wiper would freeze to the base of the windshield. BTW, they never could fix the problems my truck was having, so I got rid of it.

    The short story is that I wish I had bought the Dakota. It appears to be a much better truck overall even thought the 4WD set up is stupid. Even though they say it's shift on the fly, the extremely short 4WD knob is on the floor under the dash. Try shifting to 4WD while moving and you'll be picking pedestrians out of your grill.

    The moral is they're all expensive and none are perfect. However, 90% of the people I know who've owned a Ranger have equated it with a form of fruit which is yellow in color..........if you know what I mean.

    Good Luck!
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    I just bought a 97 F150 XLT with a 4.6L eng. I get a slight vibration that feels like a timing problem. This happens in P,N,and D. The dealer gets no error code with a computer scan and they loosened and retourqued the engine mounts. Anybody had similar probs?
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    TCUBE - scrap the Toyota. They're great until things start going wrong. The repairs/parts will kill you. For the cost of an alternator you could make a payment on a new truck. I only buy american for just that reason. There is a percentage of vehicles (foreign and domestic) that are just LEMONS. Unfortunately some people actually plunk down hard earned money on 'em and get burned vowing to NEVER BUY THAT BRAND again. But in reality, they make a judgement off of ONE vehicle. My mom had a Bronco II (please don't laugh) and everyone she knew thought they were junk. Well 200K miles later, she traded it in on a new Crown Victoria. What's my point? Other than replacing the Auto tranny at 108K, she only did routine maintenance. That was a decent vehicle.
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