2001 Subaru Forester S ride quality problem

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After leasing a 1998 Forester I, we decided to purchase a 2001 Forester I I/ premium pkg. We've had front vibration problem right out of the dealership. Wheel balance was checked, tires were rotated. Dealer service kept. suspected faulty axle(?)!!, then replaced drive shaft!! They still can't figure out problem. Subaru of America has been contacted and after contacting the dealer, they are sending regional technician to analyze situation... at this point, I've told S.O.A. I want and EXPECT a NEW vehicle!!


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    My '01 Forester L also had a rough ride for the first 2000 miles or so. Currently with 8k, it is smooth as silk now. I too went to the dealer who rotated and balanced with no effect. Here are some possible reasons that I can think of:

    1) Tire out of round
    2) Flat spot on tire due to sitting during shipment
    3) Stiff initial suspension travel that needs a bit of use to break-in.

    I had no steering wheel shake, just a general and serious vertical vibration on many road surfaces and at speeds of 60+mph.

    Hope this helps,

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