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I bought a 2001 Trooper LS a couple weeks ago--just in time for a snow storm. Anyway, when I push the 4wd button/switch the indicator lights show the rear wheels lit and the AUTO lit and the first 1/3 of the front wheels lit. According to the manual the first 1/3 should only be lit when 15 to 30% power is going to the front wheels. But it always shows the first 1/3 lit when I push the 4wd button--even on dry pavement. And when I turn off the 4wd button, the indicator lights flash for a very long time. Usually I just pull over and turn off the engine and when I start again, the lights are back to 2wd without AUTO. I've never owned a Trooper so I wonder if this is normal even though it is different than the owner's manual.




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    I have the sane problem with my 99 trooper did you find out what was wrong with yours
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