Problems with electrical/starting Grand Caravan

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Thank you in advance for your help.
We have a 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan. 2 months ago we were having starting issues, we have replaced the battery twice in the past 4 years. The first time, the battery stopped working a month after the 2 year warranty. This last time it was still under warranty but the battery did not register any issues (we were told it was probably a bad core and to replace it anyways). We replaced it, and the slow start issues went away.
About 2 weeks ago we started noticing that sporadically we had issues with it not seeming like it was in park, the remote wouldn't work, no dinging when you opened the doors etc. The power seemed all off. We put the key in the ignition, and it wouldn't start, put the gear in reverse, back in park and it starts right up. This only happened a couple of times.... fast forward, and now it seems to happen all the time. What we have noticed is that the clock resets, the radio stations stay even though the radio doesn't show power. we have had the starter and alternator checked, and they are fine. The battery is new... Please help, we live in the country and have 4 small children, It terrifies us that we could get stranded!

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