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Braking and fan crunching noise

ma907ma907 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Nissan

I recently purchased a 2008 certified Nissan Rogue. The night I went to pick it up from the dealer I had not driven 3 blocks and I felt like my E brake was half on drove a little further and started smelling burning brake, checked the E brake its not on and no indicator light on, get maybe a block further and if I let off the gas it felt like the care came to a dead stop. Called the dealer and took it back in and guess what- they found nothing.While in the parking lot I had my friend try and move it nope feels like the brake is on but dealership states" we looked at it nothing wrong".... so two grown adults are imagining this?? I have now had this vehicle for two months and the brake issue has not happened but now when I'm in reverse, going at low speeds or let off the gas on the highway I hear a dragging sort of crunching noise, like maybe I'm dragging something or something is stuck in the fan. No loss of power but I'm getting really scared of this car on the icy roads I'm afraid I will have the brake issue again. Has anyone had the crunching fan noise? I want to take it in to have someone look at it but I feel by the posts here that I should not expect much help.

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