2013 Prius Model 2 buying experiences

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Wanted to share my experiences during buying of 2013 Prius Model 2. Internet request + calling for dealers in 75 mile radius of 08837 (NJ area) asked for total out of door - including title, tax(7% in NJ),registration, plates etc - for desired color (winter grey metallic).Took the lowest 5 dealers and gave the lower 4 ones a chance to beat the best by $100 or more. Finished the whole process in 2 days i.e Dec 30/31. End of month/year are good for car purchases. Final top 5 quotes were as follows:
Ardmore Toyota - $23500
Sloane Toyota of Glenside - $23657
Faulkner Toyota - $23740
Conicelli Toyota of Springfield - $23809
Team Toyota of Langhorne - $23896.34
Finally went with Ardmore Toyota. Gave the deposit and scheduled the purchase. Worked with Steve Ettenger/Nasir from internet sales depat @ Ardmore Toyota. It was a smooth experience with no surprises and speedy paperwork.
Note: 2014 model was approx $2100 more OTD with no changes in specs compared to 2013.

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