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lexus es300 - static noise from stereo

utkinpolutkinpol Member Posts: 2
edited April 2014 in Lexus
Hi everyone.
Some weeks ago I got a `98 ES300. Good car, almost no problems, but one problem still persist - a light constant noise from all speakers. When you turn ignition key and turn on the radio - you can hear it, it seems like it comes from everywhere, if you stop the engine, i still comes, then you move and press brakes, it changes slightly - so, it seems like we need to install additional power filter somewhere. But where?
So long, so far - I forced my diler to replace the radio itself - but still have the same problem with new one. I checked one of those 'replacement' vehicles they have in dilership - the same problem there! Then, I checked one of year 2001 es300 in showroom - no noise at all! Silence! So, the question is - what can i do about it? Did anybody solve that problem?
Please, help me, I like to play the classical music CDs and that noise is just killing me...


  • steverisitysteverisity Member Posts: 39
    I have the 98 ES 300 too, and I get lots of static from my cell phone - if it gets too close
    to the reciever or the speakers. I usually have to turn off the radio completely if I'm on the phone.

    I'm guessing there's some kind of shield that wasn't installed that is perhaps installed in the newer models. I don't get this static from my other cars.

    I do have the Nakamichi upgrade - do you?
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