2001 Sierra C3

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Purchased truck in Feb 01. Between 25-35 mph it has a whirling noise that seems to be from
front drive train. Svc Mgr went for ride and said it was from air intake system. I don't think so.
Anyone have/had this problem in this truck or other model Sierra.


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    Sorry I can't help you (yet). I have a C3 on order and was just wondering, beside the whirring noise, how you like yours? Any sense of gas mileage so far? Thanks! ...and hope you get the noise resolved.

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    On my third tank of gas. The first was highway use running 60 to 65 avg. Got 15.2 mpg. The 2nd. was mostly in town use and got 13.5 mpg. I have NOT noticed any whirring sound in the front drive train as described in Post #1. Been driving it pretty easy for the break-in period but feel the fuel mileage will really drop when I start lead-footing it. The 6.0 motor and all wheel drive create a combination that's really enjoyable to drive.
  • angler359angler359 Member Posts: 4
    I really enjoy this truck except for the noise I described. It is a joy to drive. Had a chance to
    drive it on snow. I floored it on a stretch of snow covered road and it did not spin at all. The AWD really worked well. I am getting about 14.5 mpg in city driving and about 16.5 on highway.
    Still have problem with noise. Noticed a post #388 under Yukon Denali items and person indicated same problem. Stated that they replaced ring & pinion but still had noise, then they were to replace entire front differential. We will see what they will do to mine.
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    Thanks to you both for sharing your thoughts. I just got word that mine is being built next week, so only a couple of weeks away. Can't wait. Glad to hear the mileage is a little better than advertised. I had a '92 MC Typhoon with the turbo'ed V6 and AWD system and it hooked up incredibly well wet or dry. I said I'd buy another MC the next time they offered a performance oriented pickup that you could actually haul something with (not that the cyclone wasn't awesome), and it looks like the C3 delivers. I'm back, Thanks MC!
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