ESC Light, Cruise Control, Brake Lights

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2006 Kia Sportage with only 70K miles: ESC Light has been coming on after driving highway speeds every day, and cruise control stopped working the same time the ESC light started coming on. Everywhere I read pointed to the Brake Light Switch being faulty, which was recalled and replaced in 2009. I bought and installed a new Brake Light Switch, and both my right and left brake lights failed to come on when brakes were pressed, but the center brake light works fine. Thought it was the new Switch, so installed original brake light switch back, and this did not fix the L/R brake lights. I have now purchased (2) brake lights and hope this fixes the problem. Anyone who has had this issue before and found the solution would be helpful to know....especially if this doesn't work! Thanks!


  • Okay, so the fix to my Cruise Control, Brake lights, and ESC light illuminating after driving highway speeds, was simply replacing the Left and Right brake light bulbs themselves! After replacing these bulbs, not only did the brake lights work again, but my Cruise Control was fixed and working fine, and the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) Light never came back on after driving highway speeds!!!!! I did end up replacing the brake lamp switch, but I believe that I didn't need to, and it was overkill. Replacing the brake bulbs probably would have fixed the original issues to begin with! I hope this helps the next person with these same issues, before they spend hundreds of dollars at a Kia Auto Shop, when it only cost me $6.00 for (2) brake light bulbs which fixed everthing!

  • I just experienced the exact same issue with my 2009 Hyundai Elantra Touring & I was amazed that by just replacing the brake lights, the ESC & cruise control started working again. Thanks for the tip!
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    i to had same issue on 2009 kia sportage. replaced b-bulbs, topped off power steering fluid, no more squeals, everything back to normal, thanks guys for your insights
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    This saved me a trip to the mechanic! Thank you! I had the same issue with my 2008 Kia Sportage, ESC Off light came on and Cruise Control stopped working. It wasn’t until someone told me both of my brake lights were out and I replaced the bulbs that the problem was fixed!
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