1995 Dodge Dakota

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I purchased this truck new, and am the only driver, so I know it has been taken care of and not abused.

I had an air-conditioning drier go out at 54,000 miles (welded seam leaked), a transmission that does not like to shift since 65,ooo miles, and I have now discovered sand holes in the castings of the front brake rotors.

Dodge has been consistent in their response - not covered, out of warranty, not our fault.

I will not own another one!


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    You've had this thing since 95 and those are your problems in 6 years? And you're complaining? (I'll give you the transmission, though). Don't most warranties read blankety blank thousand miles or X number of years, whichever comes first?
    You probably are out of warranty. Sand holes in the rotor castings? You're kidding us all, right?
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    You've had this truck for six or seven years and those are the only problems you've had? Listen, buddy, thats a damn good truck by most people's book. Granted, the transmission is somewhat more serious, but its still nothing to complain about.

    And yes, you ARE out of warranty. You were out of it the instant your odo hit 36,000 miles, or your truck's 3rd birthday rolled around. You can't expect them to fix your truck for free forever, right?

    Our 1998 Durango has a power window that won't go down, a throttle body that likes to stick, thus prohibiting startup at times, several plastic trim peices that have broken off, both inside and out, and it once drained it's own battery COMPLETELY because of a ground. Consequesntly it would not start, and when we boosted it, the battery would not hold a charge. But you know what? I still love this vehicle.
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    They have a very... interesting car ownership philosophy and what seems a very different perspective on what they would call a 'serious problem.'
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    Is a German owned company....
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    So Daimler bought Chrysler. What's your point?
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