2002 Chevy trailblazer won't start turns over

valeria1valeria1 Member Posts: 3
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It sounds like out of gas but not. Any trouble shooting suggestions would be helpful . Hoping it is something dumb and cheap I can fix with help of you awesome people on Edmunds. I have been helped on here before because of alarm system. I was forever greatfull as I can not afford repairs. I have tools. Please help me with ideas thanks


  • valeria1valeria1 Member Posts: 3

    I hope there are little things to check before having to think could be fuel pump

  • valeria1valeria1 Member Posts: 3

    What does OBDIT and EOBD mean ? This is what the diagnostic tester came up with that I borrowed. Also it said xfer no response. I am hoping it is the stupid pass lock or security system again .My car has been broke since my last question a
    s it has been to cold and money short.2002 chevy blazer

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