2014 Jeep Cherokee Limited On Order

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Hey All.. hope i can get some advice.. we ordered a Limited 4x4 2.4L Cherokee with panoramic sunroof and technology package...

We were told 45-60 days for delivery... it is over 2 months and the dealer has given me no information as to WHERE the car is.. other than "Stuck in Ohio".. "We have no information" "we Can't find it"

WHile i find this hard to believe.. just looking for some advice on how long I am really supposed to wait..and how much I can push this dealer?

I'm really aggravated at their customer service and am thinking about starting to look elsewhere..

Their only exccuses have been that Jeep 'missed the ball' on the version of this new Cherokee they thought was going to be a hit.. in other words.. they were banking on the Latititude... and everyone wants the LIMITED..

So anyway.. no i'm ranting..

Anyone have thoughts for me?



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    Edmunds has an inventory feature - have you looked within 200 miles of your zip code to see what's on the lots? I'm in the thinly populated UP of Michigan, and it looks like there's 19 Limiteds near me. There's a couple of hundred down in Detroit. Did a quick check of NY and LA and there were ~200 near those population centers. Didn't check them to see how they were optioned (lots look to be 2WD). Not a lot available, but they are out there.

    If you see one online, you could check with that dealer. If nothing else, maybe they'll agree with the dealer you're working with. Jeep did delay the release and inventory got backed up, but shipping cranked up in October.

    This link should get you started - there's a place to update your zip code or just go to edmunds.com/ and drill down to the Cherokee.

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