Isuzu Rodeo 4 Wheel Drive Question

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So, I am looking to replace my auto locking hubs with manual locking hubs. I have been reading a lot and it appears that the Superwinch Premium Hubs are great, but there is a catch. I was about to order then when I saw the footnotes. It said that I needed "E - Special snap ring (26mm or 1 1/16 in.) must be obtained." So I began reading some more and people said that I do need them. So I got the part number "Isuzu part #9-09180-028-0" and called the dealership. They told me that they have no idea what I am talking about. So I began to look at other brands of hubs. I've found these Rugged Ridge Manual Locking Hubs that have no footnotes unlike the Superwinch. I have also found these AVM Locking Hubs, also with no foot notes. So I was wondering is it just the Superwinch Hubs that require this mystery clip, or is it all aftermarket hubs? And if so, where exactly can I get the clips from?


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    If the part's available, St. Charles Isuzu might be able to get it for you. They're pretty helpful.

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