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GMC Sierra 1500 will not start

radiogarryradiogarry Member Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in GMC

new battery that is much higher cold crank amps than orig...sat for 2 weeks (during -10 weather) and started at -20 here ok. drove it about 10 miles stopped and off for 10 min.
would crank ok but not start. put in neutral and it immediately started but check eng lite and stability bad lite on. onstar said tow it to dealer... error codes were C0242 and P1682. drove to dealer slow and rough running. they said battery discharged. they charged it for 2 hrs and gave it back. drove ok.

if battery problem why did it turn over very fast but not start??? this has happened about 12 times over the year and at first I thought it was a drain problem since the original fail was a dead battery after overnight stand. I think it is something more than a battery issue....

sorry for length but weird problem and dealer no help.


  • jordan40jordan40 Member Posts: 109

    I have the same problem. But my truck wont crank most of the time. And one time i went to start my truck turned the key to start everything died. Relaesed the key and started in the on position. This is a very wierd problem. Wonder if there are any recalls

  • jordan40jordan40 Member Posts: 109

    there could be a wire that is grounded that is not supposed to be grounded or a wire that is supposed to be grounded that is not grounded

  • jordan40jordan40 Member Posts: 109

    my sierra had some wiring not attached to the starter to make the starter start the truck. and also check the starter

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