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2011 Subaru Legacy front light issue?

24jf24jf Member Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Subaru

Just wondering if it's my car or does Subaru have a light issue going on with the 2011 Legacy's??

I bought my car 1/31/11 (so I'm still under warranty... barely) but here is my history with bulb replacement:

3/22/12 -- 14,251 miles -- driver side headlamp out
6/27/12 -- 17,322 miles -- passenger side headlamp out
6/19/13 -- 27,783 miles -- driver side headlamp out (although was taken in for a passenger side, side marker light)
7/16/13 -- 28,987 miles -- passenger side marker light out (the one that they didn't replace on 6/19/13)
1/22/14 -- 33,759 miles -- driver side head lamp and side marker out

Six bulbs in under 3 years???? Granted these have all be replaced under warranty but the next one won't be despite the fact it's an ongoing issue and that concerns me. I know I'm spoiled because I had a 2002 Honda before the Subaru and in 12 years (mom is now driving it) and 100+k miles I've replaced 1 burnt out bulb.


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    fibber2fibber2 Member Posts: 3,786

    I answered you over on the other Subaru site..

    1) Shortlife bulbs is a common complaint on Gen-4 cars, made worse by the difficulty of getting to the socket (up thru the wheel-well, or pull the bumper). Because it is so difficult to change them, I'd think its possible that many who do this end up accidentally touching the glass. Salt and skin oils change the porosity of the high purity quartz glass and that can allow oxygen to enter. Eventually, it toasts the filament.

    2) Don't use the 'auto' setting if you are experiencing this, as the spikes & dips during engine start up likely aggravates it.

    3) Have a pro test your electrical system to see if the voltage regulator (alternator) output sometimes goes over 14.5v when you cycle a load, when cold, when hot, etc. Overvoltage can certainly cause this. I recently lost both headlamps on my old Outback when my alternator went bad.

    4) Select 'longlife' bulbs. Their more stout filaments will hold up better, although you will give up a little light output in exchange.

    5) Keep your receipts. Maybe open a case with SOA (1-800-SUBARU3). If it happens again after the warranty, Subaru will be more likely to cover it.

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