Dodge Dakota Electrical Problems

thedab381thedab381 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Dodge

Lost head lights, tail lights, brake lights, dash lights and horn. But I do have turn signals and hazard flashers. Replaced light switch on dash, same problem. Replaced turn signal/wiper/headlight switch on steering column, same problem. When I stepped on the brake pedal, lights for ABS & Parking brake indicators came on and don't go off. To get some kind of lights I have wired the tail lights/parking lights from my trailer plug-in to a switch to turn them on. Now I have parking lights and dash lights. Wired switch to turn on head lights and one for brights and have lights from that source. I have chcecked for voltage at fuse panel and PCM and all seems ok. Where do I go next? I still need to install a temporary push button switch for brakes but I am flustered as to where the problem lies. This is my work truck and is needed daily. Oh almost forgot, tach works when it wants to. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, turn on lights, works, step on brake, freezes in position or falls back to a lower rpm reading. Oh, also, I don't have ABS on this truck, why the light? Does anyone have some spare C4? I promise to only use it once....

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