Toyota PriusTiming chain replaced and now having major problems.

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My 2006 Prius with about 190k miles was running great. However, the engine light was coming on and off. So being a responsible car owner, I took it to the dealership to have it checked out. They said it was error code p0016 which was either the crank shaft position sensor, the ECM, or the timing chain was stretched. They asked if it was idling rough (an indication that it was the timing chain) and I said no. It was running great. It needed a new blower for the ac but that was the only problem. After checking it for days, they decided it was the timing chain and the timing chain tension thing. So 1600 bucks later I got my car back. All of the warning lights are lit up. It barely runs and they say it is saying there is a battery error now and hopefully it will go away. I took them a car that ran perfectly to get a warning light that came on and off checked and what I got back is undrivable. Cruise control doesn't work either. Any thoughts? I don't know how to proceed. Thanks!


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