2004 Chevy Tahoe awd heated seats

2mad22mad2 Member Posts: 3
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OK I know this truck is kinda old but new to me the heated seats won't work they may come on for 30secs tops and to add injury to insult I bought this thing not knowing it did not have an owners manual which I'm lost ont his one this truck has a lot of little stuff going on that a owners manual would really help me out any help would be great after three days this is my only issue


  • 2mad22mad2 Member Posts: 3
    So I actually had the driver seat warming and working fine earlier until the passenger decided to warm their seat they both went off after that the second you took your finger off the button the indicator light would go off. Someone at work says maybe they automatically turn off when the seats warm yeah sure great but the seat needs to get warm first has anyone had an issue like this
  • kwhite1621kwhite1621 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Tahoe that just began doing the same thing... Exactly. Driver will work for a while (on a good day) until my passenger turns his on. They both will then turn off. Last winter season they both worked fine.
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