Jeep Grand Cherokee losing gas power

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ive had my jeep for about 2 years now runs good. but lately i've been loosing gas suction. I'll be driving and how of no where i wont be able to go. there is no gas power. so i though it might be the fuel pump i talked to some people and they said it doesn't sound like to them. but its weird because if i shut it off then turn it back on it runs fine or if i rav the engine up a few times it goes away......when i press on the gas pedal when it looses gas suction it like makes a putt noise and jerks a bit. i have no idea wtf it could be. please help me im not trying to get t-boned thank you


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    I am having the same problem! We took it to the dealership and they said that the oil filter housing is cracked and it was leaking oil. They blamed the place we had the oil changed at last. We have not had the oil changed for 5 months because my husband had them put in the synthetic oil which doesn't need to be changed as often. I would think that the check engine light would have gone on sooner than 5 months if it happened when the oil was changed. They are telling us it will cost $430 or more if there is engine damage. I asked them to prove to me that this happened 5 months ago at the oil change place and they said they couldn't prove it but it is still their fault. I am livid to say the least!!!!! Not to mention the service rep was trying to tell me that my car was losing power because I was driving on wet pavement and probably didn't need a repair?!?!? Really? Has anyone heard of this oil filter housing cracking? Could it have been defective and cracked because of vibrations or the cold (we have had wind chills as low as -35 this winter in Michigan) ?? Any input would be appreciated..

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