1973 through 1986 GM PU Truck Gas Tank Law Suit

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by asking if anyone has any current info on this law suit. By way of background, some guy sued GM because the gas tanks on those trucks were mounted outside the frame rails. They might leak in an accident and cause a fire. The suit became a class action suit and all owners got a letter from the court.

The letter had instructions to follow. I did as it said and sent a letter to the court. I heard nothing. I sent another letter. Same result, I got no response. I sent another letter to GM's attn, and got a form letter in the mail. Not the personal touch I was looking for.

The suit was settled, and all owners were to get a $1000 coupon in the mail that was good toward the purchase of another GM vehicle. Some reward that was. But, GM complained because some folks were selling the coupons to other folks who were then going to buy a GM vehicle.

In my letter to the court I pointed out that if these trucks really were a danger to the public they should be taken off the road. GM could give us a new truck. The $1000 would not go very far toward a new truck. Besides, I would have to go through the dealer to get another truck. He would profit from my misfortune. Something stinks here... and it ain't exhaust from an old truck. If GM was not going to give me a new truck, why not sell one directly to me? Why should GM care if it sold a truck to me or to a dealer. Sell it to me for the same price as the dealer would pay. The suit was between GM and the owners of GM trucks. The dealers should not profit from this suit.

If anyone has any info... please post it here. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for an answer to the letters I have written.



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    Under the box outside the frame rails were not in the best of positions, but MY 1954 Ford, and MY 1970 Chevrolet pickups both had the gas tank in the cab, behind the seat. Under the bed Has to be better.

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    I recall those trucks with the gas tank in the cab. When I was in college many years ago, in an Insurance class, we heard about a guy who was filling up one of those at a self-service gas station. The hose was set on automatic, and fell out of the fill up neck and gas went all over the place. The guy slid on his nylon or plastic seat covers and made a spark that set the whole thing on fire. I think that this led to the under the truck tank. I suppose there was an insurance claim in the story somewhere... it's been a long time since college.

  • this is something I would also like to know.

    MY grandpa never used it and so I still have \the lawsuit paperwork but it is so filled with legal jargon I can't understand it at all. I'm not shure if it has experied or not.

    Well, think of it this way, 1,000$ can buy a lot of options!
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    This is your luckyday... the last thing I got from the GM Settlement Class Counsel was a form
    letter that had a number to call for updates. It is: 1 800 568-2885. It is a recorded message that gives you the latest info.

    You can also write to them at: GM Settlement Class Counsel, Box 32, One Shell Square, New Orleans, LA 70139. You need to put your name, address, and the VIN of your truck in the letter. Hope this helps.

    The last info I have is that there was a hold up because GM was upset that soooo many people were going to sell the coupons.

    I still think that $1000 in not much when compared to the purchase price of a new truck.

    Good luck,
  • this is very good, I thought these certificates were out there years ago and I wouldn't be able to get my 1000$, thanks for the info I will send my address to them today.

    Yeah its not a whole lot, but its better than nothing lol. Just think if they gave people more than that, they sold millions upon millions of 73-87 trucks and their are still millions out there. If there is still 4,500,000 trucks out there, and everyone gets 1,000 that adds up to 4,500,000,000, 4 billion in lost revenue!

    taken off the road! don't talk like that, these are my favorite trucks!
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    Do you have to be the original owner? or just own the truck now?. We bought a 3/4 ton about 5 years ago, it's a '84 and never had the tanks changed--I remember Chevy sent something to my Dad when he had his '84 and said they would change the tanks...anyone know?

    I don't see it as much of a problem, we'll probably drive this one on the street once a year. I agree, the old ones are still the best...and Chev. actually stood behind their product back then (imagine that!).

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    No, you don't have to be the original owner. I bought mine used, and was notified by mail by the court that there was a law suit.

    My gripe is that when I wrote a letter to the court it was never answered.

    See my post above for an 800 number to call and/or an address to write to to get your name on the list. Include your VIN in the letter.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks, I will give it a try...Wish I would have known about it sooner...we purchased a 2000 last April.
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    the message seems to be that the payments are put off for another 6 months due to a GM appeal. The last I heard GM did not want to pay the millions of dollars in plaintiff's attorney fees and filed an appeal. I don't know if we will ever see the coupons. I think even if you sold the truck you can get the coupon if you were an owner when the suit was filed, but we'll have to wait and see on this one.
    In my opinion, GM is not well advised to hold out on the coupons since they are giving away $1000 discounts at car shows all over the country. It must be the attorney fees that they are stuck on. Also, you don't get full value if you give the coupon to someone else, and there is a time limit on the use of the coupon. Most people who have these old trucks can't afford to buy a new vehicle, so a lot of the coupons won't be cashed for face value anyway. GM is just missing a great marketing opportunity to sell more vehicles in a time when vehicle sales are slow, or does this explain why I am not a marketing vice president?:)
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    you've said the secret word, "attorney". I always believed that if these trucks really were unsafe, they should not be allowed on the road. If, on the other hand, this was just a search for money, it might take a long time for anything to happen.

    I also agree that $1000 is not a lot of money to get from GM. Discounts on cars/trucks are common, and $1000 is not much when compared to the cost of a new PU. To get a new truck comparable to the one I have now, (regular cab, long bed, V-8, auto trans, A/C, cruise, and heavy duty towing package), I would have to spend over $20,000, probably close to $25,000. Hold on while I check my wallet... nope, not enough there.
    So, what's a guy to do?

    We just wait and wait while the attorneys litigate this matter. Wonder if any of them have a qualifing GM pick up? :)

    My solution is simple. GM can have my truck back, and give me a comparable new one. No need to involve a dealer, he doesn't need to profit because of my misfortune.

    Stepping down from soap box to say...

    Have a nice day.

  • I would like to have this case in the courts for about another three years, then I would be able to afford a new vehicle. Plus I don't want to turn my vehicle in, I love my truck.
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    That belongs to my aunt now. I checked it when my grandpa was still alive, and it had the tanks outside the rails. However, If my Aunt ever sells the thing, my cousin will probably buy it, and if he doesn't, I might. Since we don't want to get rid of the thing, and don't want a death trap, is there somewhere you could move the tanks to that would be better protected?
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    They sure screwed up our 2000 Crew Cab. I'll take our '84 over it any day. Back then they actually made trucks...Think about it, back then you saw trucks work...our 2000 manual/warranty states you're not supposed to haul/trailer with the truck - what's the use of a truck then? Currently, Chevy can kiss my #@!.
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    Hopefully I can get dads name added to the list. He bought a 74 Chevy 3/4 ton truck that we use as a spray truck. Gave I think 3k for it. Hopefully I can get the certificate and use it when I trade trucks this fall. Drop the cost to trade my 2000 for a 2002 quite a bit then.


    PS, I guess I will send note to that address
  • dodgeram really shows how much you know, 73-87 Chevy trucks were the most powerful and longest lasting trucks, after 10 years 85.1% of the trucks were still on the road, that is the best record out there. GM also had the best engines through these years, the 350 had much fewer problems than the 351 and athe 454 consitently out powered the 460. GM Also had a solid front axle through these years, not to mention the standard 1/2 ton axle was semi-floating, the Ford trucks didn't have this standard. There 1/2 ton 2wd suspension also stayed in lign unlike the Fords.

    Of course you can't compare the dodges of these years because they were the weakest poorestly built trucks on the road, and it shows by the amount you still see on the road. Chevy pickups of these years are worth as much as a 2 yr old Camry.

    rea98d, its not a death trap, read up on the cases, I think there were only a couple of deaths, your more likely to die in a civic most likey.
  • GM should've done something about this 15 years ago, and not recalling the trucks was a bad move. See many more 1973-1987 Fords on the road than GMs of that period so I guess it's not a real problem anyways.
  • yeah right, sorry bud but their are more 73-87 Chevy's by far, especially in the 80's varieties, not too mention their far more expensive than fords of the same era
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    There's more Chevies from 73-87 on the road AND they're more expensive!! I guess chevy buyers aren't too bright!!! LMAO!!

    All kidding aside, I did have a '87 GMC 3/4 ton, 454, Turbo-400 and was very disappointed. My '85 F250, C-6, 460 was a MUCH better truck.

    I did get the cash assistance check in the mail and threw it away!!! Should of sold it to some sucker!!
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    I didn't get a chance to call the number for the suit, but I got the document in the mail yesterday. Guess I'm taking the $100.00 cash. The back of the form states the terms/conditions it can be redeemed under. 'GM cars and light-duty trucks... (subject to vehicle eligibility and deadlines)'; also, I don't like the way the certificate lessens after 15 months, and with the problems and Chevy's attitude towards our 2000, I don't know that we'll buy another anytime soon. At least we still have our '84 to keep us happy!
  • you might not be able to get your 100$, GM is fighting the legality of that company.
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    I remember getting a certificate years ago but threw it away when GM contested the court findings. I hope that wasn't what I was supposed to keep.
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    I understand if you need a Application for Certificate in the GM Truck Settlement write-
    G.M. Truck Settlement
    PO Box 1908
    Saginaw, MI 48605-1908
    Inclose copy of your vehicle registration.
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    or whatever they call it either. There is an "800" number for a recording from the attorney's office, which gives you a direct "800" number for GM, which tells you that you have to wait until after April 30th to do anything about it...knowing GM, probably a ploy to get people from getting the cash from GM. (it was my understanding that's where the $100 is coming from).
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    If you owned a 1973-1987 truck with side saddle gas tanks on 7/4/1996 you are eligible for a settlement Certificate. See #24 post on how to get a application for the certificate. The $100 offer is not from GM; I guess it is probably from a group of the attorneys in the case-you can do much better than that!
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    Look closely at all the stipulations on the back for use of the certificate.
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    I've owned a 1975 GMC pickup since it was new.
    Good news-I just mailed in the Application for Certificate for $1000 toward the purchase of a new GMC.
    Bad news- My wife went to New Zealand on vacation in February and while she was gone a overwhelming urge came over me and I bought a 2001 2500HD 4x4 GMC.
    Do you think if I send the certificate to the Good Mother Co. they will rebate me $1000? Sure, about the same time I can convince my wife I won the new pickup in a raffle.
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    by the luck I've had with my 2000 K2500 cc, I'd prefer 1000 off a Dodge! Or, how 'bout 1000 toward the body work needed on my '84? I want the $100 cash, but haven't gotten the second set of documents the form says you need for that.
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    I seem to remember something about if you bought a new GM vehicle during the settlement period you could still use the certificate retroactively. I bought two new GM vehicles in November of 1999, but I don't know who I could contact to see if I can get a cash reimbursement against those vehicles. Does anybody know who could answer that question? I read the information sent to me from the court settlement in 1996 and it doesn't say anything about this.
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    i HAVE ONE OF THOSE certificates..I am sick
    of waiting for my new 8.1 4x4 x-cab BLACK Chevy.
    Mr. dealer calls yesterday and sez well Geo
    we just got in a 2500 LD x-cab 4x4 6.0 3.73
    Black...Best thing REBATE $1000 and 2.9 int.
    They just went up monday for GMS employee
    buyer. YAHOO !!!
    Now to the certificate its only worth $250
    for GMS Buyer OR if you are getting the rebate
    They have been straight up all the way.
    I called GMS employee hotline and they said
    this is the TRUTH !!!!
    So I will be there today ..GMS discount, Gm
    card rebate, exploder cert. And they bumped
    up my trade $1000....OH BOY OH BOY !!!!!
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    tHEY ALso said something about stackable
    rebates and such..And 3rd party users would
    only get $ 250 also. And also something
    about they won"t honor the certificate if
    you get it through that company that is buying
    them from people for $100...Just be careful
    if u intend to go that way........Geo
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    The dealer said he has seen a bunch of them
    lately. And he is afraid of audits and
    chargebacks. Sez lots of 3rd party people
    are pissed because they think they are gonna
    get $1000 off a new truck.Something about u
    must be fAmily or live at the same address to
    get the $1000...He had the GM rules papers
    and i read them. Seems he is correct. But
    who knows..Just Beware...
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    The company that is offering the 100 bucks
    is Certificate Redemption Group and after
    May 17 they will only give you 75 bucks
    so hurry up get that money.........
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