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Honda Odyssey CD Library

fbamseyfbamsey Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Honda

I have a 2011 Honda Odyssey EXL. I have a CD library where I can store up to 18 CD's and with updates it will name most of the songs on the cd's. I updated gracenote and stored 18 cd's at rapid speed , like 4 cd's in 12 minutes. So I decided to change out the cd's and load 18 more in. When I updated gracenote and tried to download the cd's it would not record them at rapid speed. I can record each cd, like one at a time which would mean setting in the car a long time. I have went to Honda dealer and they do not have any ideals what to do. All Gracenote does is adds more names for the cd's you store in the library or just play.



  • This is in connection with the CD that will not down load CD's in rapid speed. My question is that if you disconnected the battery and re]entered the radio code would this reset the radio/cd system and that I could download cd's at rapid speed like I did before? I suggested this to Honda Service people and they just look at me like I do not no what I am talking about. I have seven months left on the lease, I am thinking they hope they can put if off until the end of three years and than it's my problem. So, please let me no anything.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683

    Maybe you should contact Honda.

    But who knows - sometimes pulling the fuse or the battery will "reboot" stuff.

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