Olds Alero Ignition cylinder locked up

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I'm hoping I can come across a solution. I'm at my wit's end on trying to figure this out. I'm attempting to help a friend replace his ignition switch in his Olds Alero. We're stuck at how we actually retrieve the old cylinder from the ignition switch. Looking at the new cylinder we've purchased, the key must be turned to the "ON" position in order for the spring loaded button, that's supposed to release the cylinder from the switch, to be compressed. The cylinder is completely locked up and we can't budge the key, thus we're not able to pull the cylinder out of the switch. We've tried a little WD-40 and all the brain power we have, but no luck. Any thoughts?


  • rpshwinrpshwin Member Posts: 3
    Dealerships have a tool for that... besides all ignitions have been recalled so let them do it.
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