1992 Ford Escort LX will not start

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I have a 1992 Ford Escort LX and it will not start. Here is what is going on. I went to work in my Escort, came home. About 2 hours later I went to leave and the car would not start. The car will crank over just fine, but the dash lights do not come: check engine light, oil light, brake light, coolant light. I know the indicator lights would come on if the key was ON, but the lights do not come on. Nor do I hear the fuel pump start when I first try and start the car. I have checked all the fusses under the dash, and under the hood and they are all fine. The car has gas in it too =0) Any help would be GREAT!! Thanks

Donald Smith


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    Sounds like your timing belt broke. If it as a lot of miles and has never been changed thats the first thing I would check. My 92 mercury tracer quit on me at 98000 miles and thats what it was. let me know what you find out.
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