2013-2014 Acura RDX VCM, Vibration Problems

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I purchased the car in June 2013 and drove it for 2000 miles without a problem. Then around the 2000 mile mark I noticed a rumble and vibration from the undercarriage and engine compartment. I called the dealer and they said they were unaware of a problem. I notified the Acura corporate office and they said they are aware of an issue and the engineers are working on it but that I should take it to the dealer for diagnosis. When I take it in a mechanic and I go for a drive and the mechanic states that "I feel it a little" and "ok there it is again but not too bad". I am in the passenger side and my butt is shaking like crazy and I hear the engine making a grinding noise. I have to take it in next week for a full diagnosis where they drive it feel for issue then unplug vcm and drive it again. The issue is the VCM. You can feel the engine switching from from more cylinders to less cylinders. Based on my reading of issues with the Honda v6's it appears that I am in for some problems (like oil consumption as I get more miles). Why would Acura adapt a 6 cyl from an 2008 accord that is the subject of a settlement of a class action lawsuit and has so many issues with more miles. I wish I read this information prior to my purchase. If you have this issue do not let them tell you this is the way the car drives. It did not drive this way when I test drove it and for the first 2000 miles. Other people in other forums stated that driveshafts were changed, motor mounts replaced, tires balanced and aligned and the problem comes back.


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    Same on 2014 - not an issue at hiway speeds - but at approx. 45 mph (15-1600 rpm) wow!

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    Update. Went to the dealer and they said the propeller shaft has to be replaced pursuant to TSB 14-001. They replace it and I pick the car up 6 days later. On day 2 of driving it, the vibration is back. I am taking it in again on Tuesday for another run at it. If you read the TSB it basically says unplug VCM and if there is no rumble then change propeller shaft. Isn't it reasonable to think that the real issue is the VCM closing or opening cylinders and not the other parts of the car the VCM issues affect??

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    I am having the vibration issue and the dealer is telling me it is the deactivation of cylinders. Is this the same thing you are talking about jonas? they stated they have had other complaints about it but that there is no fix for it.

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    The cylinder deactivation is exactly what the issue is ( I said opening nad closing rather than deactivation). I think it was a waste of time and resources to change the propeller shaft. I have the car at the dealer again and they are claiming that they cannot replicate the issue. I will going in tomorrow to verify this. Which state are you in?? Which dealership did you deal with Tnuzzi?? Bottom line is that this vehicle did not drive this way on the test drive or the first couple of thousand miles. Maybe it is time to retain counsel that handled the Honda VCM case.. They got a good result even though the company did not acknowledge the problem (Sounds like Acura).

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    Does anyone know if this is fixed on the 2015 models? Also been reading a lot about "rear suspension clunking", a problem with the shocks that apparently has not been corrected yet. Anyone have any information on whether this is still a problem as well? I test drove one and I am close to buying. I don't mind problems that can be fixed, but those with no solution are worrisome.

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    Had same problem with my 2014 RDX and after being told that it could not be fixed because it was normal for the CMS to do this, I got rid of the car vowing not to buy another Acura or Honda with this CMS which they use to get better gas milage. GM had tried this years ago and discontinued it after finding that there were other ways to improve gas milage. I am not aware of other auto companies presently designing their cars with this system. Acura and Honda have made a big mistake in engineering as all their models with CMS develop this vibration problem. Not being able to fix this is ridiculous.

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    wow...We drove a 2015 RDX.........we were really interested. Shall we reconsider?
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    I too would like to hear from some folks driving the 2015 RDX as to vibration and also how the VCM is doing. Surely some have been sold and a few miles put on them.
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    I posted this on the MDX forum but I will repost it here, where is more relevant. I am doing this because I am trying to warn any buyer of the problems they might find in the 2013-2015 RDX. If you happen to be an Acura fan boy and feel hurt; ups so sorry about that

    I had exactly the same discussed problem with my 2013 FWD RDX -> Vibration at 1200-1500 rpms during city driving as well as highway vibrations felt at the steering wheel, gear lever and gas pedal (add to that clunky rear suspension and jerky ride in stop/go city traffic). After a couple of hours driving this vehicle I felt very miserable and stupid for not having done my homework properly. Test drive? ... good luck with that; The VCM vibration only happens in some specific scenarios very unlikely to be replicated in a test drive and it also starts after 2-3 weeks or so which is a learning period (supposedly the vehicle computer learns your driving habits and activates the VCM to save you a couple of bucks for a tank).

    I would like to let you all know that I was able to fix ALL of these problems ...


    after many visits to different dealerships, a couple of calls to Acura corporate and having to put up with all this BS, I found a good solution:


    I waited for a good discount offer and jumped on top of that and used some aggressive negotiation on a leftover 2014 BMW X3 Xdrive28i (with premium pkg, lightning pkg, driver assist pkg, fineline wave trim) and traded that POS Acura RDX (paying $15 extra a month than the RDX) .

    NEVER EVER again I will buy an Acura. So far I notice that I am looking for whatever excuse to drive my bimmer and I am a happy camper once again. As for the future, I see myself driving another BMW or maybe a Lexus if they are able to fix the ugly grille of the new NX
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    I own a 2013 Acura RDX. I was fortunate in that I only have the vibration at low speeds around town in real cold weather like -20C we get sometimes here in winter. If I shift in Sport mode it goes away.
    But the clunking I got from day one, I heard it on the test drive, I thought there was something in the back or the spare was loose and never figured it could not be fixed. The dealer said it was the shock absorbers and changed both my back shocks, after witch the clunking is actually worst, LOL.
    My solution to the problem is to keep my tools and stuff in the back, then when my passengers ask what is that clunking, I answer -Its the tools in the back- so I don't have to tell people I was stupid enough to buy a brand new car with a clunk, LOL.
    Other than that it is a fantastic car, good gas mileage, good power, beautiful interior, reliable. The engineers just didn't do enough due diligence when building the suspension.

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    I wish I had done more research on purchasing my 2014 RDX as it is a POS that has the vibration issue and I can't believe that the auto maker hasn't come up with a resolution. Wish someone had contact info for me to send a huge e-mail string to Acura Canada to try to get some answer for the problem. People have to join together to fight them on this issue!!
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