GMC Sierra 1500 airbag sensor bad.

jordan40jordan40 Member Posts: 109
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does anyone have a problem with the air bag sensor. my truck has a bad one. i read on All Data that there is a recall. why have i not known of this. this problem has been happening for about a year


  • jordan40jordan40 Member Posts: 109

    does any one have any help with this problem

  • pgsrpgsr Member Posts: 4
    Mine will pop up every now and then to and the dash will say service air bag I have not had a chance to take it in and now it is saying there is a restraint sensor  out
  • dedalus10dedalus10 Member Posts: 5
    Yes there is a recall if you just search recalls for your year and make it will come up I have a 2009 with the recall 
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