1999 Ram pickups

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Is there any word out on the 1999 Ram pickups
yet? I would like to know what are the changes
if any. Also the increase in price.


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    The 1999 changes that are known are the following:

    1) No Club Cab - production will only last until the stock of bodies is used up, then all extended cabs will be Quad Cabs.

    2) SS/T model dropped

    3) fog lights will be available for the diesel/automatic combo

    4) New trim level - SLT Plus (formerly the Leather option for the SLT)

    5) revised trim for the Sport package (new graphics)

    6) Quad Cab Sport models will have "Quad" headlights - no picture or description, but some of us are assuming a composite lamp similar to what GM uses

    Expect the typical 1.5%-2% price increase that Dodge has made every year since 1994 (the 1500s go up the most, 3500s the least)
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    Dodge 800 number said the only available information at this time was that there will be a 6 speed trans available for diesel engines in 1999. Brochures and futher info . would be available some time in Aug. If anyone hears more let us know. Keep on truckin---
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    Just got word from a dealer sales manager that the SLT Plus I mentioned will not be a separate package - it will remain the leather option of the SLT as before. Dodge said that was an error on the dealer info packet.
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    Your info on the '99 Dodge is correct. It's a pleasure to find someone who knows what he's talking about. I just ordered a '99 Ram Diesel without knwing the price increase. Delivery 8/15/98. Some guys on the net are complaining about a shutdown of Cummins because of computer failures on the ISB B5.9. Any truth? What's your email address? [email protected]
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    haven't heard about any computer failures of the ISB - just delays in dealers getting the correct diagnostic software to read the Cummins computer.

    email is [email protected]
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    Would like to see four-wheel disc brakes on '99 models like the new Super-Duty's. My other wish seems like it's going to come true-- 6 speed manual transmission!
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    I've ordered a V 10. I was told production would start on July 25. Anybody else heard? I'm eager to get it. I've had a 1500 club cab for 3 1/2 years now, just need a bit more power (please, no lectures about V10 vs. diesel...I have to drive it..most of time empty, but do pull a gooseneck horse trailer a few times a year).
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    It's hard to lecture a man when it sounds like he knows exactly what he needs. Good choice.
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    Ladies and gentlemen:

    This may not be the appropriate forum to ask this question, but I'm going to ask it anyway....

    After the 1999 GM pickups go on sale, what will be the next major shake-up in the pickup trucks world?

    I'm just curious as to what I will be looking forward to in the future. All I know is that I will be worshipping the person who redesigns the F-Series for the better.

    Thank you and good day.

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    More '99 news

    I've read in the newsgroups that there will be a new color added for the sport option--
    Solar Yellow.
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    What is the reason behind the quad-only decision? Is Dodge planning on a body change soon?
    I figure I'd ask you since you seem to have alot of good answers. You and Brutus should be paid consultants for edmund's. I know we don't always agree but I respect everything you write 100%. I still think that deep down, that Super-duty is calling you! It already got Brutus.
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    But will my truck ever arrive? I'm at 14+ weeks and counting, and my order still hasn't been pulled. My dealer swears that it has nothing to do with me getting a price below dealer invoice, but I have my doubts. I figure he eventually has to prioritize it, so it gets pulled. The good news is that I still have my current truck, and don't plan to get too serious about advertising it until the order gets pulled.
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    Thanks - respect is all I can ever ask of anyone :)

    The Quad-only decision was sales driven. Dealers can't give Clubs away unless someone specifically asks for one. I have a letter from Chrysler's Jeep/Dodge Truck engineering - they are already designing the next Ram, and it should be out as a MY2001.

    I was a Ford guy fr a LONG time. My last F-series was so bad, and the dealer service so poor that I vowed not to drive another one. On that last one, I had more brake jobs than oil changes, had the steering system die (see if you can get home from anywhere without EVER turning left - it takes serious planning), dealt with more than its fair share of other repairs, and filed complaints with Ford for two separate dealers.

    Do I like the Super Duty? Yeah, I do. Will I buy one? Not likely - I'll wait for the Ram to catch up to it, since Chrysler seems a lot more serious about making a *truck* than GM obviously does.

    One of the trucks that eve made me thinka bout a Dodge was an old W350 at muy dad's job (Meadowlands Sports Complex here in NJ - one of the operations pickups). I believe it's an 84. Body was so beat up, the tailgate didn't even open any more. Always fired on the first crank and did whatever you asked of it. I drove it couple of times running errands, and it was like driving a cinder block - that stiff, but that tough. I figured it was FINALLY dead because I hadn't seen it in a few years. Couple days ago, I had to go down tp the arena and bring my dad his other keys. Sitting in the tunnel was a recently repainted W350 - yep - same one. It's now almost 15, still fires up, has a current inspection sticker (meaning it still passes emissions), and they repaired the bed too. Has outlasted trucks bought since.
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    Wow! That long from an old Dodge?From any truck is impressive.

    When were you supposed to receive this truck? I would be a little peeved by now. I never had that long of a wait for an ordered truck and we always buy at invoice. Difference might be that I do have two great dealers--Ford and Chevy--that love working with us.
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    14+ weeks!? i'm cringing, i can only imagine your anxiety.
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    I was initially told 12 weeks. I've heard of people waiting 16 weeks, but I haven't heard of many people waiting longer. I figure I have 4-6 weeks after my order is pulled, so a best case scenario for me is probably mid to late August. I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't come until September. At a minimum, my order will take almost five months. No doubt the dealer could have found a way to rush the order along a little quicker, but it will get here eventually. I'm still driving my current truck, so the wait isn't as bad as it could be if I had sold it and was driving a loaner.
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    Are you also on the AOL Car & Driver board a.k.a. mdniteeagl?
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    you found me, RS - how are ya?
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    Pretty good KC.

    I'm new to this board, but from what I've read so far it appears that they have some intelligent/adult people here. Quite a difference from C&D's boards!

    I think you will find me here quite a bit in the future.
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    definitely more civilized here, RS. Every now and then an idiot comes in, but 99% of the stuff here is informative, respectful opinions and hints. Glad you found it!
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    I've always found your comments to be intelligent and well thought out. From what I've read of your posts, I think you and I are pretty much in agreement on most matters.

    I think where you and I differ just a tad is that, while you seem appreciate new technology, when push-comes-to-shove, you tend to rely a bit more on "traditional" ideas/solutions, whereas I tend to lean in the opposite (modern/hi-tech) direction. I find this somewhat curious, because I believe I'm probably about 19 years older than you. If anything, I, the old fart, should be the conservative one!

    Just out out of curiosity, what do you do for a living that you need such a large HD truck such as as your Ram 3500? Is it strictly used for work? Do you use it for pleasure too? If for pleasure, do you pull a large trailer with it? Is it your only "daily driver"?
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    By definition, I'm the senior programmer/system administrator for a maketing tele-services company. However, I tend to do most of my company's "labor" too, so the truck actually does see plenty of "truck" duty. It is my daily driver, and after leaving a string of half-tons squeaking and rattling in a heap when I was done with them, I knew I needed a stronger rig. And going back to the teenage days, I always thought 4x4 duallies were just too cool, and now I can afford one.

    In terms of traditional vs modern, yeah, I do fall towards the "t" side of that. I appreciate the use of solid axles and real springs (plus to Dodge and the Ford SD). Pickups today are marketed as everything from basic transportation to work vehicles to leather-clad fashion statements. I prefer the work-vehicle aspect; as I mentioned a few posts above about the old W350, reliability under extreme use defines a "truck" to me. A computer may help a truck's build quality and its fuel delivery, but it's the steel underneath that is doing the work, and for me, it has to be there.

    Looking at the next generation Rams, Chrysler/Dodge seems ready, willing, and able to match Ford SD-F strength for strength, and the fact that these two look the part as "trucks", probably explains their current (and future) sales. The Ram gets tweaked every year, and the next redesign is scheduled for MY2001. As long as the Ram stays true to that old W350, I'll keep buying them.
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    I can appreciate your point of view.

    I do think, however, that some day independent suspensions will match and/or exceed solid axles in all respects. They certainly work on the Hummer, and I've seen them used on huge off-road Euclid dump trucks. Even the military uses independent suspensions on a number of assault-type vehicles. I think it's just a matter of time before they become commonplace on mainstream heavier trucks.

    Got any insight on the next generation RAMs?
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    I'm still trying to find out if anyone knows the start-up date for 1999 Ram production. Anybody know??
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    I would expect the next Ram to be an evolution of what it is now. The semi-styled nose will remain, and for the time being, the axles will too. I think Dodge is paying very close attention to the Ford Super Duty and will come very close to it feature for feature. Ford is marketing these trucks as lightweight mediums, not heay-duty light trucks, and their sales have been rising monthly - Ford says the Super Duty line is now 40% of all F-series, the highest that segment has ever been, so the market is there for a truck that is oerceived as a truck, not a car-replacemtn like the half-tons.


    Production is still continuing at two of the Ram plants (Dodge City and Lago Alberto) this week, while the other two switch over, then next week, they'll swap and DC/LA will be down for two weeks. 1999s will begin at St. Louis and Saltillo then. Full 1999 production is scheduled for the end of July.
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    I know Dodge is producing at full capacity. Do you see them expanding their production capability so that they could enter the crew cab market, and the the Class IV and Class V markets to compete with Ford? I'm wondering if the Mercedes merger would have any impact on that one way or another?

    It will be interesting to see what happens between Ford and Dodge in the next couple of years. I'm sure Ford will freshen up the Super Duties a bit when Dodge announces their next generation Ram.

    Any predictions as to what GM will be doing (assuming they ever get running again) with their 1 ton and above models? Do you think GM (and Dodge) are going to visually separate the HD vehicles from the lighter duty models as Ford did?

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    GM's "heavies" are scheduled for MY2000 - they claim it's the same sheetmetal. Dodge's next Ram is currently planned for MY2001 - ironically, the 1993 Ram was by far the oldest platform of the full-size pickups, and in 2000, the Ram once again will be the oldest platform.

    Chrysler announced they just expanded the Saltillo plant, and have an expansion going on line in Lago Alberto the end of this year. They expect to increase Ram production in Mexico by at least 50,000 units with these. They did say it would include a Ram-based sport utility, but that has already been identified by spies as the new 2000 Jeep Wagoneer, not a new Ramcharger.

    Chrysler's media site is very good for tracking what they do:


    click on search, select press releases as a source, and use keywords "sales" and "production"
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    clicked post too soon

    As for Dodge making a separate design for heavies - I doubt that seriously. The fact that they have the only "heavy-duty" looking half-ton would lead me to believe that all trucks will keep a single "truck" appearance
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    does anyone know when dodge plans to begin installing its new ohc v8s in the ram and dakota? also, when is the next redesign due? my 1997 4X4 ram is at the end of its lease in december so i need to start looking this fall. i'm hoping the new engines and auto trannies (possibly a 5 speed auto) are coming for 1999, but i have my doubts.
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    I think the 4.7 OHC will be a Grand Cherokee exclusive for a couple of years. The new Ram is due out in 2001(?). At that time I think you will see the new 4.7 (and a larger version) in it. I don't know about the Dakota. It will probably get it at the same time I would think.

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    i suppose the new electronic tranny will probably accompany the new ohc engines. i read that the new tranny/ohc powertrain in the 1999 grand cherokee has been designed for a minimum life of 150k miles. hopefully even more durability will be built into the powertrain when it bows in the ram.
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    I've been looking for a dealer that can tell me if I can order a 99 Quad Cab Cummins with a 6 spd. manual. I have'nt found one yet that can tell me if the 6 spd. will definitely be available or not. Does anyone know of a dealer with the information on the options available for the 99's.

    A friend of mine told me that their is a huge dealer in Oklahoma that gets in more trucks than most other dealers, and has the best selection. Is that true? And which dealer is it?
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    33huntr: The Oklahoma dealer is Lynn Hickey Dodge
    In OK City. Ask for Jim Homan who is an upper level type manager. Tell him Jim Kendall, friend
    of Dick Stowers referred you. He'll make you a
    really good deal. He'll even order one for you.
    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the info, jkendall. I will give him a call early tomarrow.

    I will be ordering a Quad Cab 2500HD 4x4 Diesel, I hope I don't have to wait too long. But I know I'am looking at 14-16 weeks.....It WILL be worth it!!!
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    Well, I got bad news for anyone looking for a 6 spd. tranny like I was for a 99 Quad Cab 4x4 Diesel.
    I saw a dealer option list for the "New Dodge" and guess what? No six speed tranny available when ordering a new Dodge. The lists are updated every 3 months, so I was told. I also was told that no six spd. is foreseen till mid 99 or early 2000.

    I hope that I am NOT right, and if someone has better news I'll be willing to listen.
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    first batch of 1999 Ram prices are in. Barely an increase at all.

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