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Ford Focus electric problem

d2evansd2evans Posts: 4
edited January 2014 in Ford

gauges and the speedometer go one way and the other and the car quits then it runs fine and then the problem comes back I would like to know the cause

Best Answer


  • I think it is an LS

  • the car is a 2000 ford focas SE

  • I have a 2011 Ford Focus and about 3 weeks ago it started to honk its horn twice as if it were unlocking the doors while the car was running. At first it was only once or twice every so often. It is now all the time and while I am driving. It has also started to lock the power locks on its own (this is not a feature of the car) and some times the locks do not work at all. I took the car into Ford and they said that the battery would not hold a charge and replaced it. All was good with the car for about and day and a half and it has since started all the same issues over again. There is no dashboard issues though. Any thoughts? I live 5 hours from the dealership so if i can narrow this down before taking the car in it would be helpful.

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