Chevy HHR Key stuck in ignition.....Not like all the rest it seems..

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So here is my issue...
The car will start however I cannot shut it off. The key stays in the on position and will not move. I have seen many posts about people having this issue and it being the gear shift. When I put it in park however the doors unlock.. Does this not mean the vehicle knows its in park? Also I can FORCEABLY remove the key however it still stays in the on position. Also the button under the steering column that you are supposed to be able to press and remove the key isn't popped out for me to press unless I turn the key to start it then it goes right back in.... so I'm lost any help would be great. Also if this is the gear shifter is this covered under the 5 years 100,000 miles?
Thanks Tiger


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    The problem is your ignition cylinder. Mine was o.k. but I received a letter from G.M. saying that it was a recall and I could go to the dealer to get the ignition cykinder changed. All what you are saying was described in the letter as things that could eventualy happen if I don't get it changed...what I did even if I had no issues with it.

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    I have a 06 hhr and nothing but problems since day 1!!! Check engine light constantly on cuts out driving and at idol u have to punch the gas before it chokes itself out going 60 mph up a hill. Take it to the dealer they clam to fix it 2 weeks later dose it again!!!! Then my front end makes it ride like a damn jackhammer!! I hate this car goes into power saver mode every week have to reset the computer again. Go run the codes it throws the throttle vs command, misfires, injector problems test them they are fine anyone else have these problems?? The air bag sensors are screwed up to!!
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    A reporter would like to speak with a GM owner whose vehicle has been subject to the recent recalls, and whose vehicle has experienced sudden stalling. If you and your vehicle fit this criteria, please contact us at [email protected] by Friday, March 21, 2014.


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