Ranger or Toyota Pickup?

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Need a good used 4 cyl pickup. Must get good MPG 90 miles round trip to work; then carrying 1 or 2 dirt bikes 10 miles only. Leaning towards Toyota or Ranger but open to suggestions. Budget $5000.
Also, can anyone tell me the advantages or disadvantages to having a lift or not. Thanks, Bill [email protected]


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    IF used go Ranger, you will save yourself gobs of money. We have a 83 Ranger with 176,000 or so miles, original belts and hoses, changed timming belt and ignition module. Very good truck except paint.
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    I rather the reliability, drive, ride and everything else of the Tacoma.
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    Be really careful if you consider a 1998 Ranger - the 4.0 V-6 was troublesome, you can hear the clatter at idle with no accessories on. Otherwise, I agree - the Ranger probably costs a lot less and the 4-cylinder has been a good engine for a long time. Just be careful if you find a great deal on a 1998 4.0 V-6.
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    I owned a 1995 Ranger V6 -until it reached 36K. I had had enough by then.

    The first summer the air conditioned blew. At 20K half the computer burned up. At about 28K a rattle began in the engine area when I started it and lasted for about a minute each time. At 36K (right after the warranty ran out) the rattle was determined to be the solenoid which had rattled loose in the bell housing BECAUSE IT HAD NOT BEEN TORQUED TO SPECIFICATIONS WHEN BUILT. I paid for that repair.

    All this time the radio would suddenly just quit, and when I took it to the dealer each time, they would remove the radio, see nothing wrong, put it back in, and it would work fine. Their conclusion: "can't find anything wrong, and it seems to work fine." My conclusion: the power supply plug is LOOSE. So I asked them to try taping the plug into the radio to hold it. They "forgot" to do it.

    From the day I bought it, if it was raining or even just a little damp out, the brakes grabbed so hard until they warmed that the slammed on no matter how lightly I touched them. Dealer response: "oh, that's just the nature of the brake material." As though that made it OK.

    My solution: trade it in and buy a Tundra which has been very, very good thank you.

    My in-laws swear by Ford and have had several since I've known them. They trade them in before they reach 40K due to problems but go right out and buy another which again gives them trouble. Their last needed a transmission overhaul and a new radiator before it reached 20K! But they LOVE Fords. I think it has something to do with the ease of spelling F-O-R-D.
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  • midnight_stangmidnight_stang Member Posts: 862
    Seems like we got a lot of Toyota vs RAnger stuff going on.

    You might want to click on my profile name, and look at the other forums saying just the same stuff here (except some have over 1000 posts compared to only 6 here.)

    I own a 93 ford with a 2.3l, and have over 135k miles. The valve cover has come off once. This little four banger is reliable as heck. I still get 19-20 city/25-28 highway milage. I replaced a transmission at 115k-150k miles, and a radiator, and water pump at 130k. Everything else is original. Power steering is noisy, but still tight and handles well. I've replaced my entire braking system (capilers, rotors, pads, and shoes) My alternator drives my 600 watt stereo for over 3 years, and my 1045 cca battery has never gotten low. So you'll see I have had to replace items only after years and many miles of use. Pretty high quality if you ask me. I've been through my share of racing on beaches(and eating 4 wheel wrangers for lunch), and been through my share of offroading(and have pulled out many imports out of the sticks)

    Narada->Maybe you should have told the dealer about the rattle in your engine bay (but then you say bell housing?) when it first started. If you drove with it for 8 thousands miles, maybe that made it worse, especially if it was a starter solenoid. Everytime you started it, a loose starter will grind the flywheel. Hope you didn't hit the starter much while the engine was running, that causes that problem all the time.
    Just buy an aftermarket stereo. You'll enjoy at least twice the power, and can even have it professionally installed. I still use all factory wiring on my aftermarket stereo, amps, subwoofer and speakers. Not one problem here!

    On engines, I'd recommend the 4.0l. It's only a $220 dollar option over the 3.0l, and it has the same modular design as the 4.6l v-8 found in the rest of the ford fleet. These engines are tough performers with great torque available down low, and toyota's engines just can't complete there. (see other the forum "TOYOTA TACOMA vs FORD RANGER- Part XI" post 1207 for complete data on this)

    In summary, Ford cars and trucks serve their owners well. Well owners that know what maintenance is... Ford Ranger is the best selling compact truck for 13 years straight. The Ford Ranger is also the the best selling car/truck in America this year as well. So don't let a few isolated incidents persuade you. Test drive one and see how you like it personally. All cars and trucks have the occasional problem, that's what a warranty is for. Also make sure you don't go to a punk dealer.
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    i had a '99 tacoma and literally worked the bejeesus out of it. it never made so much as a wimper. stock stereo was fine, but if you did want to go aftermarket, you can easily change out the whole system. you wouldn't want to leave any of the stock system anyways. right now i have a '00 rado that i just installed a system that has not 600 watts, but 1,100 watts that run fine with my stock alternater. but you really want to know which truck to get right?
    fact is, the tacoma will spank a ranger in the dirt. there's alot of arguement to this, but if resale value is any indication to which is best, then the toyota is your answer. as for a "punk" dealer? never heard such a thing.
    nirada- isn't it amazing how some dealers can't find a problem with what you are complaining about until the warranty period is over?
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    Owned a 90 Toyota with 22R engine and 4spd manual for 10 yrs before I sold it. Most reliable vehicle I've ever owned. Not one single problem. NADA. Oh, the starter needed replacement at 90k, but thats alright, it was all city miles, stop start etc..cost about 60 bucks or so rebuilt and a snap to replace.

    No experience with Ford, but my bro owns a 94 Ranger; been ok, some problems, mostly electrical gremlins.

    I personally would pay a reasonable premium for a Toyota if I was buying used, but that's my opinion..
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    not one problem. At sale time it still ran like new. A mechanic looked it over and could not find anything wrong, compression still great, diff/ suspension looked good too. I presently have a 98 Ranger with 40K miles not one problem either....
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    I guess your Check Engine light problem caused by the bad gas cap, as well as your recalls, and whatever other problems you may have failed to mention still qualify as "not one problem" in your world vince huh? Ha!
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    I myself drive a Nissan, so i have no loyalty here. My advice is find a few local trucks and drive them, see which feels tighter, which rattles less, which truck has held up the best over the years. Try to buy it from someone who's had the sense to keep maintenence records (they've probably kept better care of it) as long as the $ amount doesn't break you, it's my bet it will be a Toyota.
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    Boy, I really can't get you off my back... I did one heck of a mind job on you son. Really popped that "Toyota is god" bubble! Was it that your Trusty Toyota was a tin can in crash tests? or was it the open rear axle all Toyota's have? or was it when you found out how truely useless the TRD package is to the average person?
    By the way, the gas cap was the person pumping the gas breaking my gas cap.. Here in Oregon we can't pump our own gas.. I thought I had mentioned that when I posted the problem...
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    If it didn't come on during start up, I'd would think my check engine light was broken because it NEVER has come on(unless I stall myself). '93, at 135k+ miles, pretty damn good if I say myself. Don't put words into vince's mouth.

    Here in Texas, Ford is king.
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    Listen guy, I'm not against Ford. My wife owns one and it's a good truck. I didn't put words in Vince's mouth but rather reminded him of remarks that he had posted earlier. His problem was unusual, and I never heard him place the blame on the Gas attendant before, but it was a problem where he stated that he had never had a problem. He has a habit of stretching facts and I enjoy reminding him of such, that's all. There was no intent to knock the Ranger of Ford.
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    I'm wondering when this post will be frozen but the Toyota Tacoma Vs. Ford Ranger Part XI seems to be more active...

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    Do yourself and your Country a favor and buy American,you'll feel better in the morning.
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    But, only the engines, tranny's and a few other major systems are brought from Japan.

    Tacoma trucks are assembled in Fremont, CA. I think those folks like their jobs.

    Shipped via American (in country) and other worldwide (out of country) couriers. I think those folks like their jobs too.

    All other components are manufactured in the US and assembled here. Definately like their jobs in the U.S.

    Lastly, are you aware of how many countries Ford and Toyota exist in. The fish tank is getting smaller.

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    Wondering if any of you shade tree mechanics can tell me if I have a serious problem.

    I have a 92 V6 4x4 Toyota PU, and just this morning when I release the clutch pedal, a clicking noise sounds once, twice, and finally a third time at the top of the pedal travel before I take my foot off.

    What is this?

  • ebbgreatdaneebbgreatdane Member Posts: 278
    My opinion is that it is possilby the tensioner springs on your clutch pedal. Mine did it for years with no problems.

    Not sure if you are still checking here for answers on your question but my advice would be localize where the clicking is coming from (i.e., you may need to get on your back and check out the clutch action under the dash). Check the springs that create tension on the pedal. Chances are they are creaking and/or clicking. If investigations are not working out, try posting you message The Manual transmission post in the Maintenance discussions. If these are transmission noises, I would seek transmission mechanic help...it could be with a 92, you need to have your clutch pedal adjusted a little.

    If you are concerned you should make a trip to the dealer or a tranny specialist especially if you are hearing transmission noises unreleted to the clutch pedal travel.

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    hey. if all you have is 5000 to spend i would suggest a ranger. they are cheaper to work on and if thats all you want to spend total you might end up with some repairs. i own a 98 tacoma. i love it. i like it alot more than the rangers or s10s, but it costs a bit more (to me its worth it) but i havent had a problem like my friends with the rangers and s10s. but if you do have to do any repairs it can cost more.
    take this how u want to
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    or the ranger if you like working on mechanical devices.
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    Rangers are actually reliable trucks. Please visit Edmunds and www.msn.com and go to their advice section, also consumer reports rates the Ranger well. The Toyota has a slight, keyword slight edge in reliability, but not the huge gap Toyota owners wish you to believe.... Also parts for Toyota trucks are 4x more..
  • redsilveradoredsilverado Member Posts: 1,000
    i owned a Tacoma about 1.5 yrs. ago and i worked the livin beans out of that little truck. 2 other intstallers worked their rangers the same way, and one had overheating problems, and one lost a tranny. these may be isolated problems, but it wasn't long ago that i worked with another fella that had nothing but electrical problems with his ranger. and since no 2 vehicles are alike (even off the same assembly line), it's possible that my tacoma was exceptional. however, i've yet to see a tacoma stuck on the side of the road, but i've seen plenty of rangers sitting for some reason or another. the high price on parts for the toyota is something i won't even debate cause you're right about that. maybe that explains why so many tacomas are stolen every year.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    stories. I am not going to post link after link again to the many Ranger sites and stories of Rangers going 100K, 200K and even over 300K miles.
    The data is on the internet and anyone who does their homework will see this quality gap so many Toyota owners want to believe does not really exist.... I agree Toyota holds an edge.. Just not the huge edge so many think exists...
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    Even the ford guy will tell you that the toyota has an edge in reliability.
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    the gap is VERY small, not as huge as you Toyota boys want it, or make it out to be.
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    Point taken and I agree.

    Catch you guys in the other Taco V. Ranger forum since this will be my last post here.

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    my Ford was built in CANADA ! go figure !
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    Too bad your Ranger isn't the best small pickup on the maket and the Tacoma is. The edge may be small but it's still an edge and your Ranger isn't rated as good. Too bad you didn't get one.
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    I can't find this information anywhere and I don't know another tacoma owner personally, so anyone's help would greatly be appreciated.
    Basically, I don't have a tachometer, and I'm looking for engine RPM at these given speeds:

    20 MPH
    45 MPH
    60 MPH
    70 MPH
    80 MPH

    If anyone would be willing to take note of their tachs when they're driving around and get back to me on these, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks.
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    I meant to address the previous request to any owner of a 2000 Prerunner V-6.
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    you should have done what your name says.
    First the Tacoma is ASSEMBLED in CA. Second, the Ranger is MADE in Kansas AND Canada.
    Second, check right in your own backyard here at Edmunds, the Tacoma is not as great as you want so badly to believe. Check the reliability, quality, performance ratings between the two trucks.
    Third, why is the crashtest rating so bad on your Tough Tacoma?
    Fourth, why does Toyota put OPEN rear axles on the TAcoma?
    Fifth, Do you know what a HP/Torque curve is? I guess not because you don't tow, or haul with your Tacoma.. otherwise you would have bought a Ranger.
    Sixth, why is the bed so shallow in the TAcoma?
    Seventh, why does Toyota charge so much for a set of Bilstein shocks, springs in order to slap a "TRD" sticker on the side of the TAcoma?
    Do you know what a locker is? when to use it? did you know its and OPEN axle? did you know it can only be engaged in 4low? and NOT to try to take sharp turns with it engaged? Do you really know how limited this TRD package is to the average truck user?? Resale?? YOu paid more, sure hope you get more for your Tacoma..
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    I'm no stranger to the Town Hall, not at least lately. I've been on Ranger III, Sidekick, Grand Vitara, Beetle, and now, here. I was considering a 2000 Ranger XLT 4 door, with 3.0 V6, Auto and 4wd. However, not long after, I found a local small dealership had the perfect thing for me. A '98 Toyota Tacoma SR5 Ext. cab, with 4 cylinder, 5 speed, and 4wd. The Ranger was $16,900 and had 29k. The Tacoma is $17,995 and has 27k. I know more about Toyota trucks than the Ford trucks, and I know they are good. Any opinions, and anything I should know about this kind of truck? Thanks for any info!!
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    Boy vince, all that yet there are lots of happy Tacoma owners out there and most publications still give Toyota the edge over the Ranger. We must all be crazy and it obviously drives you nuts that the Ranger doesn't have the reputaion that the Tacoma does. The Ranger is an excellent truck but don't wet your pants because some people like the Tacoma better.

    1badsidekick - They're both good trucks with different strong points. You shouldn't go wrong with either one.
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    This one has morphed into a topic that already exists, so let's roll this one over into the larger, already-existing, TOYOTA TACOMA vs FORD RANGER- Part XI

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