2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 8 speed transmission issues

duckcarverduckcarver Member Posts: 1
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I have a 2014 Grand Cherokee with the 8 speed trans and am having issues with it upshifting into gear 8. Sometimes at 55 MPH it will go into eight gear and sometimes it won't. Anyone having issues with their trans like this or other trans issues?


  • kar30kar30 Member Posts: 1

    Hi Duckcarver, I too have the 8 spd model , The way Jeep designed the Gearbox has so many disadvantages. I find mine will sit in 8th gear at 50klms then other times it wont. I was told to drive it out of ECO mode for it to sit at a lower gear. I also find mine wont change gears quickly enough at intersections and corners. It will want to take off in 6th and then have no power to get going. If I put my foot down it becomes very very touchy, it takes off like a rocket, throws you back in the seat, then ya look like a Dick taking off like an idiot..hahaa! I had the Dealer look at the computer, they found a software issue the first time round, I continually complain but now they cant find anything wrong with it. Kind of a shame as I love the car,it cost a small mint, Its gearbox needs major review by Jeep. Iam not sure if you know but they can recalibrate the gearbox, Go get it checked out !

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