Constant Heat, Even when Temp is set for cold air

sonataguy2008sonataguy2008 Member Posts: 1

2008 Sonata Limited.
I just moved and cannot find my shop-manual, any help isolating the problem or guidance based on similar experience would be greatly appreciated.

I get nothing but hot air from the vents. Controls appear to be working except nothing but hot air comes out. Even with the temperature set lower than the outside air, and also with the AC engaged I still get only hot air. The blower runs and adjusts speed normally. Air is correctly diverted to floor, upper, and defrost vents based on selected mode. With the blower off, if I set the recirculation control to introduce outside air, then I can still feel slight movement of hot air through the vents, however when I select the recirculation mode the faint movement of hot air is stopped.

I suspect some sort of heater control valve or heater hot air \ cold air mixing door?

Thanks in advance.

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