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Toyota Sienna Clicking sound over 60 miles/hour

yongyong Member Posts: 2
edited February 2014 in Toyota


I have 2012 Sienna LE. My current mileage is 29, 102. I've heard a kind of clicking sound when I drove over 60 miles/hour for couple of hours on the highway several times since last summer. I recorded the sound on Feb 2, 2014. I was trying to attach an mp3 file here, but this site won't allow. Here's a dropbox link:


You can hear it at 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12 and in almost every 1-2 seconds after that throughout the whole audio. A headphone may work better.

Hope this helps you understand what I meant by clicking sound.

It seems this happens after we drive over 60 miles per hour for a while since it happened only on Saturday evening. It didn't happen on the highway in the morning, although i drove more than 60 miles per hour for quite a long time in the morning. I guess this clicking sound may be related with some heat and speed.

The Toyota dealer shop just told me to stop by when it happens but it only happens after a long distance at night on weekends when the dealer shop is closed.

I would appreciate any advice.


  • yongyong Member Posts: 2

    Here's another link for those who do not use a dropbox:

  • coppidogcoppidog Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2013 Sienna and it test drove fine in town and on a quick highway trip. Later, on the highway at 60 mph after about 30 minutes, there was a faint knocking noise (irregular tempo) that came and went, not necessarily related to going up very small hills but worse then. By the drive home, once the van was warmed up, the knock was a little louder (still irregular; still seemingly out of no where, coming and going). Initially it sounded like it was in front of the passenger's seat; now it sounds more in the center under the hood somewhere. It's like a faint clunk to no particular rhythm.

    Sounds like Yong's problem (above). Any ideas?
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