Ford Windstar transmission won't engage

beckerdawn34beckerdawn34 Member Posts: 1
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Van has been running fine all day yesterday, then lastnight, transmission started acting up. It shifts into drive and reverse no problem but it acts like its in neutral what is wrong with it and can it be fixed.


  • Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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    Well, it probably can be fixed, but it most likely won't be cheap. I'm not an expert, but I recently had the same issue with an older vehicle. Had it towed to a shop I've been using for years and completely trust. Transmission was toast and the cost of a used one (including labor) was $2200. :'( This was more than the car is worth, so it said hello to Mr. Junkyard.

    Take it to a trusted trans shop and ask for a diagnosis.

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