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Chrysler 300M Hamonic Balencer/Crank Shaft Pully

tinnerdeluxtinnerdelux Member Posts: 1
edited February 2014 in Chrysler

hi all, im new to the forum as I have recently inherited a 2000 chrys 300m with 214000mi on the odo.a recent issue has reared its ugly head in that the crankshaft pulley appears to be wobbling.do the pulleys go bad and if so is it a dealer part only.im a fairly competent diyer when it comes to remove replace.any and all help appreciated.bill


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    elvis58elvis58 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, i just bought a 300m in november, i work on cars for a living, the pulley you are talking about is called a harmonic balancer, you can get that anywhere, and yes pulleys do go bad, don't freak out it's no big deal as long as you get it replaced before it really gets bad ok.
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