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Last fall I purchased a 1987 Ford Mustang convertible from a friend. She was the sole owner of the vehicle and it had only 80K on the odomoeter. The car has the 2.3 FI 4 cylinder motor and an auto tranny. The car runs and drives very well; however, I have some maintenance questions that I could use some help to solve:

1. The engine has a slight oil leak from what appears to be the top rear end of the motor (possibly from the valve head cover?). Drips accumulate on my garage floor near the tranny just to the inside and slightly behind the right front tire. Any other owners have a similar leak? Any advice on how to fix it?

2. Where the heck is the PCV valve on the 2.3 engine?? I've been driving myself nuts trying to locate and replace this part. The owners manual says there is one on the motor but I can't find it.

As I noted above the car runs very well. In fact, I drive it to work and back (50 miles) every day. These two little maintenance problems just keep bugging me, though. Thanks in advance to all owners for the assistance.


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    The PCV valve on the 2.3 liter Mustang is located in a hose next to the distributor. I haven't had the leak problem, but try tightening the valve cover bolts.
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    Thanks, dragonman. I'll take a look at that hose. I'll also tighten the valve cover bolts this weekend but my gut feeling is I've got a bad gasket there.

    One more thing -- when I pulled off the large air cleaner duct I also noticed a thin oily brown film collecting inside the duct. The throttle opening was pretty clean inside and there were no stains on the air filter. Is there unburned fuel or oil seeping in somewhere?

    Thanks again.
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